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  1. New to the forum, so forgive me if I screw up. I have an 05 I just bought. 40k miles. Completely stock. 5 speed. Im about to either put on axle back or catback exhaust(as soon as i decide) and a cold air intake. I want a tune that will basically just wake it up and make it run more efficiently with the mods, and something thats easy to email and get custom tunes with. I want to use sct software. Something that if I get different oarts I jusy email the tuner and they tweak it amd send a new one. ive heard that, aside from a dyno tune; vmp, aed, and lethal performance, and lund is the way to go.ive also heard steeda isn't bad. Just wanted to hear some more thoughts and opinions on yall's experience with programmers with custom tunes. All help appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Axlebacks will do diddly squat for HP but a CAI with SCT tuner would be a great start.
    You only need to look at my sig. to see what I'd recommend.
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  4. Sig. as in signature:

    2006 Ford Mustang GT - Manual
    JLT CAI, UDPs, CMDPs, VC breathers, 6500rpm limiter, Brenspeed 91 oct. tune
    Est. 305rwhp 320rwtq

    JLT series 3 cold air intake, Steeda underdrive pulleys, charge motion delete plates, valve cover breathers, Brenspeed 91 octane tune.
  5. Ohhh duh. Haha
  6. Is a valve cover breather better than an oil seperator
  7. My recommendation is a Brenspeed tune with either a JLT or C&L racer intake.
  8. Even with an oil separator, some oil vapors can still enter the intake system and become deposited there whereas that'll never happen if you have valve cover breathers. If you have breathers, you'll need to clean them periodically and how often will depend on whether you live in dusty conditions.
  9. Oh okay I gotcha. Recommendations on where to get the best ones without being raped?
  10. Something to consider... I've read the tune is what makes the difference. The Cold Air Intake provides very little (Maybe 2 or 3hp) gain over the tune. If you buy a tuner only from BrenSpeed, American Muscle and others, then later decide on a CAI, they provide a free tune file if you buy the CAI from them.
  11. The tune does indeed make the biggest difference but even the CAI by itself can add up to 10rwhp. The stock airbox snorkel and filter are pretty restrictive.
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  12. A plus is Brenspeed offers free upgraded tunes everytime you parts from them. I use Brenspeed and their tunes they are great can feel the diff. in performance. And yes it is sct software.
  13. I got JLT SERIES 3 on my with a bama tune and noticed a lil until I add the throttle body and than I noticed more. add gas mileage to if I might add