Custom tuning options

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Nasty_Notch, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. I have to get my car tuned & have been leaning towards the Diablo chip.
    It's $250.00 for the chip & $50.00 for 3 dyno pulls.This is from a local guy I've used for years.Any feed back on these chips??My other alternative
    is another place that told me $5-700.00 for dyno/chip.:eek:
  2. You need a good tuner to make the most of your dyno experience..find out what he is able to do, warranty, thought on your tune. My SCT tune was done on a flip chip containing multiple programs..the result was excellent, expensive but excellent.
  3. This would be a 3 position chip,stock/street/race.Free updates for life if I change heads/cam,etc.We would do a base line dyno pull to see where car is at,that gets emailed to Diablo & they create the 3 tunes for my car & email it back.My tuner would then burn this onto a chip & make another dyno pull.If we are not happy,he can make adjustments on the fly.
  4. Sounds fairly good as long as he can "make adustments" as stated to the diablo may find there created programs possibly to mild or agressive for your setup in terms of timing and A/F ration, and I would want to question his ability to dial out any streetability issues...idle quality, hot start, cold start, or any other issues you may presently be experienceing. If he can handle everything you want him to, then he's your guy for the job.