Custom turbo intake pipe with maf

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Mikie, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. This piece was originally made for my setup, but not used as I am going 4" all the way now.
    This pipe is a custom piece that goes from 3" pipe to bubble out to 4" with maf sensor housing built right in.
    It has black poweder coat finish and will fit most and 99-09 GT models.
    You dont even have to have a power adder for it to work, it will work as a killer cold air kit.

    It does not include the maf sensor nor the clamps, filter or hose boots for connecting. It is 3" on both ends and fits perfectly in the engine of the 99-09 models.

    Awesome build quality.

    Will take the first $100 for it, bottom line plus shipping. Will not go lower so please dont ask. This tube cost us right at $200 to make so I feel the price is great for a new piece that has never been installed.

    When you put you maf sensor in this housing, you WILL need a new tune for your car for it to run correctly.

    HP gains of 25 rwhp should be easily obtainable with the correct tuning.

    Remember, first come first serve.
    This should not last long so hurry.
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