Cut and Dry T-5 questions

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  1. I should also worn you. I've never ever been into a stick trans but I start that class a the end of august.
  2. I wont even have all the parts for the swap till Jan probabally. 76king on TF is working a deal with me on some parts.
  3. let me know if you need any little odds and ends before the trip.
  4. I am going to use the Holy Grahl of Swap info checklist to get this thing right the first time, SO I may be calling for some parts to get shipped to me.
  5. :shrug: Stinger's page??
  6. Is there another?
  7. lol ok sorry that was just another shameless plug for his page. :D
  8. Is there any upullit type junkyards near you. The one near me charges $100 bucks for a T5 ( the V8 ones never make it out to the yard). You should be able to walk away with all the parts to do the swap for probably $150 and a half days work. My yard also offers a warranty for about $20 extra. If the tranny is crap you bring it back and pull another one. But then again if you have one rebuilt you know it will last a while.
  9. $100? I could drive to florida pull 15 T-5s, sell them here and live like a king.
  10. drive down there get me one and drop it off to me Matt
  11. Unfortunately, those kits will only fix a trans that isn't hard parts are included, kinda like a rering kit for an engine. Just one synchro pack (say, the 3-4 pack for example) is 60 bux. The 1-2 synchro pack is 350!!!!

  12. yeah thats what I meant. Thats like the people that came in today and asked if some trans additive would bring the reverse back to their car....hmmm...
  13. you are the ones that said the trans is diecent to use >HMMMMMM.
    I have no reason to believe that the trans is bad. I understand about what you are saying. I am looking to buy this and to save for a newer WC for later on.
  14. HMMMM Well If I am saving for a good one it is eiter going to be a new WC t-5 or a T-56
  15. you better make a whole bunch of power......or....just spray the crap out of it:D
  16. LOL Naw I am going to push it. With a f-150.

    I will buy a new WC T5 later on.
  17. Till then the T5 I am looking at will have to do.
  18. Sounds crazy but...when I brought the last merkur (stinger's) home I pulled it with the lightning and used my tow dolly. It didn't slow the truck that much. I honestly believe I could out run an N/A pretty easy.:nonono:
  19. What's a "Grahl"?