Cut and Dry T-5 questions

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  1. Is that how you messed up the rear end?
  2. lol thanks but no....I got the truck where it was dead hook on a street naturally I "dead-hooked" it everywhere.
  3. HMMMMMM we just cant have good things around this house without you kids breaking things, Can we?
  4. I didn't do it.............................*crash*

  5. non WC has the 1-3 gearset just sliding around the mainshaft, and has lower torque rating due to that and other stuff (read up on that link in the 2nd or 3rd post). WC transmissions have needle bearings under the gears and better synchros and stronger parts.

    IF you are using a non WC transmission you must fill it with GEAR OIL. don't put no ATF in them things
  6. Let me pick the thing up first LOL get this deal the tranny, bellhousing, and the shifter. $100.
  7. Was that a "its a 4cyl trans it won't hold up" deal. After I proved everybody wrong here the price of junkyard 4cyl 5spd went to about $300. :nonono: yeah me!
  8. Can you see a difference between the WC and non from the outside? I just want to make sure I get the right one when I go to the junk yards. I don't trust what they say
  9. I think the trans case is identical but maybe it says on the tag... I'll look at mine

    as long as it came out of an 86+ vehiccle.
  10. check the year of the car if it is an 85.5 + it is a World Class.
  11. What kind of car is it anyways?

    I read some where that even the older 85's SVOs had WC T-5s also :shrug: That may apply to the TCs and Merkurs also but don't quote me on it.
  12. 85.5 is the break. Pre is non WC I believe this is the rule across the board stock from the factory.
  13. Like I said before everything I've read says cars like my 85'SVO (older) came stock with a WC T-5. Here is a link to one of my imformation sites on this.
  14. All of the SVO's that I have seen that are not in the half year were non WC but the half year when ford placed in the larger injectors the WC was always present it may be just coincidence.
  15. Not sure I follow you?
    Can't be coincidence. I thought it was mandatory to put in bigger injectors when swap to the WC?

  16. OHHHHHHHHH I know the martians went to Ford and decided to take the non WC for a rectal probe so Ford had to go to the WC in 85.5 thats it.....I asked them.
  17. I can understand how the Non WC could be in some of the 85's but not the injector deal. Anyways I'm just going by what I've read on this also. Does anyone know how to tell the difference in these two gear boxes besides the year of the car :shrug: I'm not lucky enough to see a lot of SVOs like some of you but I can check my own car. I know how to tell the years on parts but this is my first stick car so I can't tell one T-5 from the other :(
  18. I can't believe the transmission thread is more popular than useless thread part 2. :nonono:
  19. Now on that I cannot help you, This will be my first T-5 also that I will own but I know that I will learn quickly.