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  1. Has anyone installed a cut-out in a Mustang?
  2. A cut out what?
  3. an exhaust cut-out.
  4. Oh, I never have. Flowtech makes a muffler with a cut out built in it.
  5. i started mine up when i installed my h-pipe. the mufflers,tailpipes off,sounded a car from our local airborne speedway.i had also thought about it but only for when im at the track. after hearing what it probably would sound like i changed my mind.
  6. there is a company that makes elec cut outs they are nice as hell but very expensive (300 for the set) you can open them anywhere from closed to full from a simple toggle switch seriously thought about buying them still might dont remeber the name though but ya go for it.
  7. I was asking cuz I was going to do that on my stang and I was wondering if anybody has done it on a Mustang. I have seen Camaros that rip around town with them..... with a Mustang I would have to install one for each side, so...
  8. I know alot of my f-body friends have them, the electric cut outs, sounds awsome. My buddy has a 4.6 with a cutouts and it sounds good.
  9. using them on a mostly stock car is NOT a good idea, they sound good and all but unless you have forced induction, stay away, cuz your bound to lose torque, and maybe some HP from the lack of backpressure from what I've read...


    if your running a blower/turbo, hell it prob even helps on nitrous cars, they're great
  10. I was going to install it on my project Mustang that will have a 351W and modified. My brother has one in his Camaro and he tested it at the track, it actually made it faster(very little, but it sounds like a purring kitten compared to drag race only cars). It could be different with the Mustangs might dog it, i dunno.
  11. if you get manual butterfly cutouts get ready for them to leak. i had a couple a year or so ago and there is no way to get them to seal properly. either get the ones that have the removable block-off plate so that you can use a gasket (you can get them thru summit, jegs, jc whitney) or get the electronic ones.

    i've run my mustang (before i got my current motor) with no mufflers or cats and it did not sound good. it was just loud as hell.
  12. Thanks for the pointers!!! :canflag:
  13. the flowtech mufflers with the cutouts off sound cool, but VERY loud...cant talk to the person next to you without raising your voice...i know this because before i bought my 89, i test drove a fairly well modified 90 LX 5.0 that had these mufflers and it was noisy.
  14. I got dumps w/ switches on my 69 428 mach1. You have to hear it to believe it. I've never heard a harley as loud as it. Mccord powerplates, are switches for dumps which run around $100 each, and the dumps were $45 each. for around $300 bucks you can have the loudest, meanest, raciest car in town.
    It does tend to make it sound like a truck somewhat, due to no mufflers, but I have a cam, so it sounds like a nascar gone bad. there's nothing like having a riced out import pull up at a stoplight, then open the dumps all the way, and scare the wits out of him, ..........while your pulling far far away of course. No one messes with me around town anymore. I only run mid 13's since its stock, but they dont knows that :D

    .......make the guys with hogs jealous! GET THEM!

    just make sure u have headers, because if you let off the gas real quick with them open wide, some cold air be sucked back into the manifolds, hitting the hot valves, causing them to warp. With headers this is not a major concern, as there is alot of air resistance/confusion in the collector.

    If you want any sound clips, pictures, or questions just ask