Mach 1 cut springs

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 03dsgmach, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. anyone cut their springs to lower their mach? If so how mutch I'm wanting to drop about 1 1/2" to 1 3/4".
  2. damn thing will be dragging the ground won't it?
  3. I was going to say cut a little at a time but that would take to much work.

    You cant go by a set of lowered springs like my MRT's to measure by. Although they lowered my car 1 inch in their relaxed state they were as tall as the factory ones I took out. Its all in the tempering of the metal.
  4. You're an idiot if you cut you springs.
  5. Cut no more than 1/2 coil at a time.
  6. well, something like that, yes.

    really though, read up on mustang suspension and choose a lowering spring made to lower the car