Cutting a hole for dual exhausts?

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  1. Has anyone ever cut a hole for their bumper? I don't know if I want to do that...if I screw up, that would be baddd. What kind of materials would u need to complete this task?
  2. make a template from the passenger side. Mark down w/tape the center of your bumper. After you've marked and cut out the paper to match the passenger side. Line it up with the center mark and lay it on backwarks for the drivers side. Mark with a grease pencil. Work slowly with a fine toothed saw then clean it up gently with a file. It will take you an hour maybe, it will be pretty easy, it's just plastic. Just take your time, measure twice, cut once, remember ?
  3. There are plenty of GT take-offs available and you might get lucky and find your color. I would go that route. What is it going to look like after you cut it? Factory, or something else?
    Personally, I would not even think about cutting it. I would use side exhausts, drop the tailpipe down or get a rear GT fascia.
  4. That's true there are GT takeoff rear bumpers to be found, but many, many V6 owners prefer to have a unique look with the cutouts.
    As far as looks, you can't tell it wasn't a factory install. In fact, a few weeks ago I stopped by a local Ford dealer to pick up some brochures and the salesmen there complemented the way my duals look. He said, "They look just like Factory Install!"
    If you look at Ford Performance Racing, they have the V6 Dual Exhaust kit with intentions that you cut your bumper.
    I cut mine because I feel I could put the money I save into some other mod.

    Below are a some examples of the cut out. You can also go to YouTube and type in 2007 Mustang V6 Exhaust and you'll get some video images of it.
    The Vista Blue Stang is mine, the black one is member from another forum;




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  5. Looks fine. There are some trim rings available too that would help cover any rough edges or mistakes made while cutting.
  6. If you sand it down with fine sand paper then touch up the edge with Motorcraft Touch-up Paint, then you will never know it has been cut.

    The advantage to having the trim covers is making sure the tail pipe never touches the plastic.

    Just take your time and don't make a mistake. :)
  7. Got a link to these trim covers?
  8. I just did my girlfriend's car today. I used a factory H pipe off of my GT that I cut to fit. I bought the left side pipe and hanger for a GT. I used the factory GT mufflers off of my car. I just measured it and used a hole saw to cut the hole and than made a cut up. Dremelled the edge to smooth it out.
  9. its not that bad, i did mine, and never done something like that before.