Cutting Dash For Good Radio

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by TOM B, Dec 7, 2003.

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  1. I made up my mind. I am cutting the dash on my 65 convert for a GOOD radio.
    Why would anyone want a cassette player, they dont even sell cassettes in stores around me anymore and I dont want a JUNK Custom Autosound, if I wanted TIN CAN sound I would call Campbells.
    What are the good ones, am fm cd is what I want.
  2. Don't cut the dash. Have the deck installed in your glove compartment, the new head units have remotes anyway which work through the closed glove box door, and it's far less likely to get stolen because it's out of sight. Not to mention it preserves your dash.
  3. Yeah i would do what Gellpak said since you have a 65, i could never do that to the dash, thats why im glad i have a 68 :D
  4. Stop! I'd rather sell my car than cut the dash! The value of your car will decrease dramatically. There HAS to be a better alternative that you can live with.
  5. i don't see why cutting the dash on a mustang is so bad. Its just like boreing out the cyl.

    then again it is pretty rare...
  6. I agree, in fact that is what I did. I just went and snapped some pics of the install but of course now my camera and computer dont want to sync up so below is a pic of the pre-instal wiring mess just to give some idea how it could look


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  7. Oh, PLEEEEZ, that's a very poor analogy! A bored cylinder doesn't show whereas a cut dash is VERY obvious and difficult to repair. Not so with an engine block.
  8. waah waah waah do what you want its your car. i second alpine :nice:
  9. DO NOT CUT YOUR DASH!!! Man, I wouldn't do that, there is no reason to cut that when there are alternatives. Look, I had a 66, God rest her soul, and i was going to install a cd player and use this thing that I ordered from crutchfield. Universal Mount

    There is someone on this board who used one to mount to the tunnel right infront of his shifter, or you could use it as intended and have it hanging below the dash. It doesn't look bad when in the car and preserves the dash. If you want I will even sell you mine for a decent price, its not like I have any use for it now.

    [email protected] if you are interested
  10. Unless you have some rare stang (in which case I would say dont cut) do what you want-its your car. I put my Pioneer CD head unit in the dash and its a real clean install. I will never sell my car or ever try to make it anything even close to original, so I didnt even think twice about putting it in the dash.

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  11. Ok, I managed to upload the pix off my digital camera, and before you ask yes I cleaned up all that nasty wiring before wrapping up the install


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  12. Look, this is a forum. A forum is a place where ideas, both pro and con are exchanged freely. Ridiculing the ideas that you don't agree with only demostrates YOUR immaturity and lack of understanding of the topic. IMO, your avatar only confirms this impression.
  13. cut the damn thing **** it who cares what these bastards think do it if you'd like. Yeah it'll decrease dramaticly to a collector to the average joe it's better.

    I'm ****ing fed up with **** suckers saying this and that **** I'd rather have something different than the same **** the next person has.

    Yeah I'm ****ing pissed right now.

    I'm seriously tired of some people's damn bull****.

    Anyone with half a brain could fix the dash if they wanted to.

  14. You said it bro, i'm way behind you there. fixing it is a pretty simple thing to do. and doing something diffrent is definitly the way to go.

    Also. to SD. all he said was do what you want, your the one now going against him for his ideas..
  15. and what the hell does my avatar have to do with my ideas about cutting a dash. And SD i used to like you but ya know you are about as close minded as Oz , i stated my opinion and you stated yours, leave it at that or bring your happy ass to alabama and shut me up.

    Why is this a poor analogy? If you have a numbers matching car that is "STOCK AS A ROCK" then it would be the same thing. By the way How Stock are rocks?, thats a stupid phrase, hard as a rock yeah i understand that. Anyway there are a certain few people on this forum that try to push thier opinions on everyone else and its been that way for sometime now, the only thing that matters is that its your car, if you want to do something the do it, let whomever buys the car after you worry about it.
  16. While I certain to NOT agree with cutting dashes, I would agree that the matter is an individual decision. That decision should be based of full knowledge of the implications. Anyone who has ever tried to repair a "hacked" dash knows that it is a huge job. I'm not talking about a plastic "repair" panel but a quality repair of the dash metal. Having actually done this repair, I feel that I am in position to make an informed judgement.

    Having been in the hobby for MANY years, I have seen this "problem" handled many different ways. Suppose "Stanger X" installs a "Mega-Blaster III" by taking a reciprocating saw to his dash. :notnice: Fast-forward a few months and the "Blaster" croaks, off warrantee of course. "Stanger" takes the "Blaster" in for repair only to find that it costs more to fix it than it is worth (a common problem). Since the "saw job" on the dash was "custom-cut", nothing else will fit. The hole is TOO LARGE! What does "Stanger X" do now? Hmmmmmm?

    And so, on I could go with stories based on how I've seen people deal with the stereo question. Carrying a "boom box" on the rear seat works for some. Using stock, but internally modied radio head works for others. Be creative and think "out of the box" people!
  17. i dont know if you have heard but most radio's now a days are sized the same. you basically have 3 options 1,1.5,and 2 din. so unless you are a moron and use the radio out of a taurus you will be able to swap out radio's if your "mega-blaster III" croaks.
  18. If you don't cut the dash, you can hide the unit away in your glovebox, less reason for windows to get broken, and stuff to get stolen. Plus, it's probably less work to install, and you retain the stock dash.
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