Cutting Dash For Good Radio

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by TOM B, Dec 7, 2003.

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  1. Wow!!!

    When I clicked on this thread I thought I went to the WWF website. :rlaugh:

    Everybody ...put the crack pipe down and step away from the keyboard...In a hundred years nobady will care. :banana:
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  3. My last Mustang was a '65 fastback, and one of the reasons the car was so appealing to me was the fact the dash hadn't been cut. In my area, lots of stock dashes were cut to fit 8-tracks and cassette players and there simpy weren't many unaltered dashes left. Same goes for my '68, most of the '67-'68 fastbacks out there have had speakers mounted in the trap door behind the seat, mine hasn't and I'm thankfull for that. While I agree that it is your car and as the owner, you're entitled to do as you please, you could be having anegative effect on the resale value. Also, in case you think that you'll never sell the car so it doesn't matter, think again. It's been my experience that EVERY car gets sold sooner or later. When you're young and in love with your car, you can't ever imagine parting with it, but as you get older, things change and cars become less important in the grand scheme of life. Trust me no one owns a car forever, if you don't sell it, your heirs will.

  4. Heyyyyy now, that wasn't very nice. I wasn't in this fight. I don't think I'm closed minded. I just have my opinions, which I am entitled to, same as you. I guess because you said it makes it so? :shrug: Now who is being closed minded? Hmmmmm? Now, ***_ OFF!!! :lol:
  5. I love your holiday avatar 67 vert. Didnt you have one wearing blue?

    As stated by others cut the dash if the cars not pristine or of some special value.
  6. hey Tom B,,,

    what a hornets nest you stumbled upon,,, I don't care either way if cut your dash or not,,, but if you cut your car in half,,, do it length ways,,, then you can apease both sides and have one half stock, and the other modified..

  7. What Bud4660 was inferring is fairly important, from the guys who think it's heresy to cut a dash, to the guys on the opposite extreme who like to cuss alot and who have to "do something different" to stand out so that they feel warm & fuzzy. Cutting the dash is indeed a pain in the rear to fix, and lord knows, we've all cussed out a previous owner or two or twenty for all the boneheaded mickey-mouse hairbrained mods they molested the car with before we got it and tried to un-rig it. BUT, the cut dash isn't impossible to fix, it's not one of those "hidden" disasters that bites you in the rear years after you bought the car. So I agree, if it's not a rarer model, it's not the end of the world. And I like GP's install, I can see why you'd want the CD right at your beckoned disposal. What I don't agree with is all the "it's your car, so butcher it if you want to man, and screw the next owner" type of attitude, and the hatred seemingly aimed at preservationists. It's the seemingly stuffy, boring, preachy preservationist that will make sure that at least a few old Mustangs will still be around generations from now, long after all of the modded and and cut up and "personalized" car's owners have died, and nobody ever bothers to restore those cars because it's more trouble than it's worth. How many unmolested '32 Fords are left around? How many un-chopped early-50's Mercurys? They all wind up going to the junkyard to be "recycled" into a bridge or a boat anchor after they've been "personalized" to the point that no other "person" beyond the last owner values it anymore. See 67vert, that's the point
    There's a point where the next owner WON'T worry about it. He'll say "it aint worth it", part out whatever has value, and send the rest to the crusher. If everybody had the same attitude, we wouldn't be chatting on here. There wouldn't be a solitary 65-73 Mustang left, everybody in the 70's would have "Corvette-Summer"-ed them all, and everybody in the 80's would have thrown up their hands and thrown them all away. I'll step down from my soapbox :p
  8. I think this thread is pretty much done, he has already said what he decided and planned on doing :lock:
  9. a single din radio is like the fosgate that eats305sstock has in his pic, a din and a half is just that half againas tall, and a double din is twice as tall as the fosgate

    Yea opinions are like a s s h o l e s, and hey you fit on both sides of that. I never proclaimed myself to being nice and yes i am entitled to my opinions and for one i will openly state you and superdave are way way to passionate about mustangs they are cool dont get me wrong but they are still a hunk of metal and what someone does to thier mustang will more than likely never effect you. Like i told Superdave, bring your happy ass to alabama and tell me to ***_ Off!!!
  10. I wouldn't **** around with anyone thats from deep in the south. LOL
  11. or in northern california. ;)

  12. You got that straight. :nice:
  13. I love internet tough guys :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  14. yes and i love internet monkey toys :lol:
  15. Ya, we're a fun bunch. Maybe you can get the powers that be to give you the custom title "I threaten elderly men, even those recovering from a stroke" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  16. If I were SD I would actually take that as an insult.

    Just because of his age doesn't mean he's any less of a man than you or does it? Recovering from a stroke probably makes him a better person because he has shown us it can be done and that are day to day problems are nothing compared to what he has gone through.
  17. for those who dont read the whole post i never threatened him i stated and i quote "i stated my opinion and you stated yours, leave it at that or bring your happy ass to alabama and shut me up." regardless if the man has had a stroke i dont come on this board to start fights, but if someone attacks my opinion, you're damn straight ill stick up for it just like anyone else on here. I dont need someone taking up for me and i dont think SD does either.
  18. I can't believe that people can get so upset from someone else's opinion on dash cutting...TOM B was the original poster and he was neither upset nor altered in his decision to cut his dash. So what if SD has an opinion different from others, this forum is as mentioned previously, an opportunity to share ideas, advice and opinions...I think a few need to take a bong hit and chill...:shrug:

    PS, You did not threaten SD, 67vert, but you did challenge him...I agree with GP on this one, it is inappropriate however you want to define it.
  19. That's funny coming from a guy who referenced him as a bastard. :rlaugh: I don't think SD has a problem with FACTS. He has referenced his age many times. He also has been very forthcoming about his illness and his recovery. I never said he is any less of a man. However, recovering from a stroke does have a physical toll on a human. I thought it was quite pathetic for someone to threaten/challenge anyone, especially knowing the facts. It seemed 67vert and YOU were the ones attacking others for their opinions. SD only gave HIS OPINION related to the question, you 2 attacked his opinion. Seems simple to me :shrug:

  20. I stand corrected. It should read "I challenge elderly men, even those recovering from a stroke, to physically come to my state and shut me up, which is not threatening a fight"
    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    By attacking someones opinion do you mean something like this:
    I'm not taking up for SD or Oz, I'm just stating my opinion on how pathetic I think your post was. :notnice:
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