Cutting Dash For Good Radio

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by TOM B, Dec 7, 2003.

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  1. Well, I for one would appreciate a free plane ticket to Alabama. Heck, send 2 up here and me and SD could go see Space Camp after we are through "silencing" the south. I was a huge proponet in getting SD back on here. He said it would only be on a limited basis, but that was his choice. I'm telling you, whippersnappers have a huge chip on their shoulders when it comes to old people knowing more than they do. Well, maybe just whippersnappers from Alabama. :rlaugh:
  2. I think it is time for everyone to settle down now.

    I read the whole thing and really don't care who said what. But it needs to stop now.
  3. Yeah add more gas to the fire what and you know what gp001 if you want some come and get it but not on the net be a real man and do something.

    Other than that well why don't you stop saying anything I already apologized and I know I was wrong for saying but you on the other hand think your **** don't stink.

    Now exactly be a man and simply stand down it takes a better one to admit they were wrong and not keep adding to the fire.

    This goes for Ozzum67 also.

    SD chose to stay away now. :nice: He has my respect for this

    Fighting on the net is like participating in the special olympics. Doesn't matter if you win your still retarded.
  4. Stand down??? I don't think so. I will post as freely as I feel. As long as I don't violate the rules (like challenging fights or using profanity) I will continue to post MY OPINION just as you do.
    The only ones challenging fights are you and 67vert, so I guess that makes YOU retarded :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    PM me if you ever come down to So. Cal. tough guy
  5. Just lock the thread tyler, the topic has been settled, this thread serves it (the topic) no more real purpose.
  6. I got tired of reading all of the posts but ya, you bought the car and seems like your heart is set on cutting the dash so go ahead and do it, just make sure its clean, i sitll remember when my brother attempted to do something like this, turned out very bad.

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    You are the funniest little ass clown I've seen yet. Way better than that RX-7 guy. That PM is a definate keeper. Everytime I need a good laugh I'll just give it a glance. I bet you watch alot of WWF don't you.
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  8. Yeah ok this just proved your level of intelligence and I have nothing else to say on the subject. I prefered to handle things in a private manner but you seem to like the publicity your stupidity brings you. Anyways I'm done and good luck.
  9. Ya, your posts filled with profanities, insults, and WWF like challenges are really on a level all their own. You are just a little internet ass clown and your posts show that.
  10. i dont get the point with all this garbage. Advising someone to not cut their dash is good. It does affect the future value of the car. That is a given. But if it doesnt have a numbers matching motor and tranny, then your pretty much already there, and cutting the dash seems like a very good idea. I would like to see it hidden in the glove box, but, if your car is already outta original and matching, might as well keep at it and have some rocking sound :)
  11. Geez, you can tell it's winter!

    Anyhow, I know nothing about cd players (the only one we have in a vehicle came that way!). I would suggest asking the sound & shine forum if you want to know a brand most people are happy with. I like my JVC in my truck, but it's cassette only (I've had it for a while now, lol), it's kinda cool. Talks to you when you change stuff, says "hello" when you turn it on "goodby" when you shut it off. Fun toy to freak people out with (except everyone I know is used to it by now!). Anyway, not that you asked about that.....Like I said, try the sound forum, they're always talking about sound systems in there (much more than "shine", which is what I visit for).
  12. man, nice job coolblue, that looks nice

  13. that is very nice gp
  14. if i were purchasing another old stang, i wouldn't care if the dash was cut, as long as the opening would accept standard stereo equipment. i might use the fact to haggle the price, but for me personally it would not lessen the value of the car. non factory striping on the body, rusted out floorpans and rails, major accident repairs, trunk rot, anything neon or glowing...these things would bother me.
  15. anything neon or glowing hahaha
  16. Wait! Try this first....

    You can do it the way I did it. It works fine with evey modern radio with a detachable face plate.

    Erwin, The Netherlands
  17. Awesome solution, good work! :nice:
  18. Very slick idea indeed :nice: If one wanted to they could remove the original radio for safe keeping and employ a similar tactic using the knob holes for a more sturdy attachment. Either way, I think that is a fine solution to both sides of the argument
  19. Thanks
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