Cutting Dash For Good Radio

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by TOM B, Dec 7, 2003.

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  1. great idea.
  2. Now I didn't even get that far with that thought. What a great idea!

    Best of both worlds. Modern stereo in the only truly useful location, but no permanent scarring of the original dash. Genius! :banana:
  3. I think part of the original problem, as far as I can figure is, that the people that said to cut the dash have '67-'68 stangs (67vert, Fostang, and none67) that have removable bezels that use the normal knob location and not the slightly high of center that the '65-'66 dashes use in the steel dash. Having "half a brain" would include owning a welder to weld a patch panel into the dash to fix it, or cutting up another dash, or saving the original pice to put back in, in anycase it's still a patch. With that said, anything can be repaired if you have enough $$$. For example, I know of a guy wanting to restore a '58 F-250 2wd 8' stepside truck with a 292 and a granny 4-speed. The quote for just the paint and body is about $15k (notice this doesn't include rebuilding the motor, tranny, suspension, electrical, etc.) which is about 3-4 times what the truck will be worth when its done most likely, although something is only worth what someone will pay for it. This guys has loads of cash and this was his grandfathers truck, hence the sentimental value. Here's another example, in '87 I had a right rear tread seperate on my '65 coupe, I also found out that night that my GF was moving from OK to NC. I went home and took a ball peen hammer to the whole 1/4 panel thinking that I would get it replaced in the next couple of weeks, well guess what, it's still not replaced and it could have been fixed with two patch panels that leave the most original metal intact instead of a import panel that's cheap but needs much work, or a $800 NOS quarter. A PO of my car cut holes in the doors to put speakers in and not in the cardboard panels, but in the embossed metal, you can get skins but not inners, so now I can either replace, buy new or used shells, or modify and use my existing ones by welding them up, covering with vinyl or smothing the embossing out like Troy did on the Ebay fastback.

    What Dave should have probably said was to consider all options before you cut the dash. Down the line you may be glad you did. I used to be into the booming stereo equipment too, now I could care less and can't believe I spent the money on the crap I did.

    67vert complains about Dave attacking his opinion, but it looks like he attacked Dave's and Gellpak's opinon to begin with. On one note, I like a lot of 67vert's mods, but I don't care for his avatar either, and it's the main reason I don't check the forum at home as I don't want my kids seeing that kind of crap and I don't view remarking on it as childish, I guess you could say my avatar is childish though, :banana: . Lots of people say they will never sell their car, but if it came down to putting a roof over your head or food on the table, I bet you'd consider otherwise.

    Ultimately, it's your car to do with as you please, but keep in mind, it's a vert and worth more than a 6 cyl. coupe.
  4. I am glad to find someone else who shares my sentiments on some of the other Stangnet rules that aren't enforced.
  5. word me in on that too
  6. I would truly love nothing more than to lock this thread. But unfortunately, most Moderator "powers" only work in their forums.

    I cannot alter a thread in another moderator's forum.

    It would be like stepping on 2bav8's toes. He doesn't tell me how to run my forum, and I would never dream of doing it to him. I can only point things out to him and let him do as he pleases.
  7. Gees guys. I'm away from the PC for 3 days and see what happens!
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