cutting stock springs? cut coils from top or bottom?

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  1. hey guys this is just temporary but which side to you cut ONE coil from? Is it the top or the bottom of the springs?
  2. Assuming you are going to make this TEMPORARY!!! You cut the bottom ones.
  3. Eh? :scratch: If your cutting the front springs, cut from the bottom. If your cutting the rears, cut from the top. I know a lot of people here say not to cut springs, but as long as you cut without the use of heat it's not devastating to your ride quality. I cut 1 1/4 coils off of the front stock springs and ran "B" springs in the back (on my GT) - the ride quality was perfect. I could carve turns better, and it still took a bump nice.
  4. dude i have done this a million times.

    cut the pigtail end(bottom0
    it fits into a slot in the control arm. the top of the spring is flat and it fits into the frame. cutting coils using the uncompressed spring measurement is not correct.

    the number of coils cut adds exactly the percent incears to the rate that the length remove has. if you cut (not variable rate part) one ciol from a spring with 6 coils and 300 in/lb the rate incearses exactly the same percentage. this means the spring compresses less. 1" lower profile uncompress will equal about 3/4" or slightly less when installed. 1 1/2 coils will typically get you 1" lower. 2 1/2 begins to be equal amount, as the spring rate inceases to say

    300in/lb with 6 coils = 300/6 = 50 in/lb per coil
    remove 2 coils and you have 400 in/lb spring. try to compress that.
    on my first stang i had 2 1/2 removed front and back.

    tires sat just at fender level. i could jump up and down on the bumper and it would move 1 mm.
  5. by the way... i will never go that far again. i drove it up onto a curb to help someone without my seatbelt off and i crushed my head against the roof of the car. too far. even sticks in the road caused pain.
  6. well i cut off 1 full coil and it came ou perfect it dropped it alittle over an inch. it looks pretty badass but im gonna get some intrax springs soon.
  7. doh. sorry about the 1" thing. i forget your coils are different than the ones i had on my stang. it depends on spacing.
  8. i would say this had better be sit on it until you can afford might be a ****ty ride and you could never take it back to stock if you hated the ride. just my .02

  9. :Zip2:

    There is nothing wrong with cutting a spring as long as you do not generate too much heat while doing it..

    The first coil in a spring is usually a "dead coil" so there will be little difference at all in the quality of the ride...

    I bet you this temporary fix says after he feels the car after he does it.. :nice:

  10. I'm not sure about your 1-1/2 coils will get you 1" lower :(

    On most springs I've cut 1 coil is almost 2" :shrug:


  11. How does it feel? :shrug:

    A lot of times worn out shocks don't have enough compression and rebound rates in the shocks to compensate for the increase in spring rate, but if your shocks were in good shape than it should feel pretty good :nice:
  12. I cut 1 1/4" off the stockers and dropped just over an inch.

  13. Damn....Did a little search and it looks like you are right.. :p
    Good to know.. I have not done a 99-04 myself, I just went with Steeda Sports, but I will keep this in mind for the future :D

    Thanks :nice:

    Ryan's 02 GT said his dropped 1-1.25 with one coil cut, so yours still sounds a bit high for the cut to me, but that's why you don't jump into a huge cut, it's better to have to cut twice than to cut too much once :)
  14. :stupid:
    I cut 1/2 coil off my 4 cyl foxbody front springs and it has a nice rake to it. Ride quality isnt that bad either.
  15. How much for the rears? We are going to cut my rears after my stinking drag shocks come in. (we killed the drivers side stock one while trying to install the coilover kit :nonono:) It looks like 1 spring will drop 2 inches in the back :shrug: .
  16. yeah i need to get my back ones cut because the front tires like like a half inch away from the fender lip so i have a pretty big rake look going on with the car. So now i need to determine the about ot cut the back springs so i can closely match front and back. Fronts are done with a full coil gone. Backs prolly need one and a half coils wouldnt you think?
  17. ^ I was looking at the back, and im going to go a half coil at a time. The space between coils in the rear seems greater than the front, so im thinking it will drop more for a full coil. Try that first....I think one full will be too much. BTW others have said that a half coil is fine to cut...I talked to one guy on here who did it a half coil at a time, just wanted to make sure since the disscussion was open. :D
  18. The backs are very easy to remove, so you are better off sneaking up on it by cuttintg 1/2 coil at a time. You can always cut more, but you can't weld it back on :p
  19. Like he said, start by taking 1/2 coil off until you get close to where you want the ride height to be. Then go by 1/4 coils after that. Just make sure to drive it around and make sure the springs settle before you decide to cut more. I cut my 4 cyl fox body springs a 1/2 coil, put them in, and they sat within 1/8" of where my sportlines were at. I drove it home and the next morning the car had dropped almost another 1/2-3/4". You dont wanna cut too much off and then have it settle and it be too low.