Cutting V6 bumper for driver's exhaust

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  1. This Saturday I will be installing the Pypes SFM65 dual exhaust system on my '06. For mufflers, I'll be installing a set of GT take-offs. If anyone else has done this, what did you use to cut the rear bumper fascia for the driver's side exhaust tip? I've got the cutting template from Pypes, but it does not have any suggestions for what tool to use. I was thinking of using a Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel. Anyone got any suggestions?

  2. that's what I'm going to use when I do my wife's car. Cut it 1/8" big so I can take it down to size with a sanding wheel just in case I deviate from the line accidently. Tape the line where you don't cut so the edge stays in better shape.
  3. Another suggestion for cutting the bumper

    Here is what I did and I have done 3 of these bumpers so far:

    1 - Cut out the passenger side opening so it does not have the recessed material and both sides will match. I tape over the entire opening and then draw a line JUST on the outside of the opening that is already there. I score the line with a snap knife available at any Hardware store. Then, I extend the snap knife blade out far enough to cut through the bumper. Once you start, and can get a little pressure on the piece that you are removing, you will get the feel for it. The snap knife really leaves a CLEAN edge!

    2 - Tape the drivers side of the bumper...measure 3 times...then hold the pc that you cut out of the passenger side backwards against the bumper and trace the shape onto the tape. This will give you a cut that is very similar to the other side. Then use the snap knife again and...viola...dual exhaust holes.

    3 - To finish it off and give that factory appearance...get some black door edge moulding from your auto parts store and carefully slide it onto the cut bumper. It makes it look like it came that way and the adhesive in the door edge moulding ensures that it will stay attached for a long time.

    I have attached a pic of my FIL's 05 "Mach 1" with GT Take Off Duals

    This was before the door edge moulding but still a clean job.

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  4. So heres what I did, I put the muff on and marked my center and then I used a pair of tin snips and didnt even need a dremel to my surprise. I did make a template on cardboard too. :)
  5. It's Done!!!

    With the help of a friend and his four post lift, we installed the duals yesterday. Turned out pretty good for two people who've never installed an exhaust system before. I tell you, it's a "butterflies-in-the-stomach" feeling after you saw off the stock exhaust and look at it lying on the ground. Kind of a "My God, what have I done?!" moment. But like Van Morrison sang, "Too late to stop now."
    My biggest concern during installation was that after cutting loose the stock exhaust, I noticed that the distance between the x-pipe inlet tubes was about 1/2" narrower than the stock pipes behind the cats. And you can't just bend that stainless x-pipe by hand to make it fit! So, by using an innovative combination of a three ton hydraulic floor jack, some wood blocking, and David and I looking like we were playing a game of Twister; we got the pipes spread enough to go on. I used the Dremel with a rotary bit and cut the bumper using the Pypes template. I didn't realize how much the rotary bit was going to jump around while cutting, so I cut well inside of the template outline. I then put a sanding drum bit in the dremel and slowly worked it out to the template line. It turned out alright and when the car is on the ground, you can't tell any difference from the passenger side outlet. I plan to get a GT bumper some day, so this will do for now.
    On the road, I noticed a couple of differences in exhaust note. There is a noticable difference in sound under acceleration and there is a slight drone between 1500 and 1700 rpm's, but not bad. The most noticable thing I found was that at interstate speeds (75mph, 2250 rpms) the exhaust is actually quieter than when I had the stock single exhaust with the single GT muffler! I can't hear it at all above the tire and wind noise. I was surprised by this! I guess it's due the reduced back pressure of the x-piped dual system and two mufflers doing the work of one.
    Overall, I'm pleased with the results! Looking at it from the back, I'm reminded of that old beer commercial, "The great taste of a GT, with half the calories."