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  1. It's been a few months (More like over a year) that I haven't post anything or respond in the forum but health problems have keep me away for some time and also a 68 chevelle SS396 vert project that I started last year that's still about the same as I got it are the blame for my partial retirement. But “I’m Back....!"Alive and kicking again.

    Since my 65 vert has been out of care during the last year my 3 dogs have played a number in my wheels. The chrome has started to peel off and some corrosion has appear in the inside area of the rims. I have decided to restore them back but in the mean time I will like to buy some temp replacements to put on the ride. Looking around the web I found some low cost chromed wheels that resemble the ones I have but are factory chromed. They have the same 17"x8" size, backspacing and offset as the ones I have. These wheels are licensed by American Racing and are similar to the 2.1 Torq thrust version single piece they produce. They are sold on *bay by Custom Wheel Market and I got a good deal shipped to my door in P.R. for $980.00. I am wondering if anyone here has purchased them and can share some feedback about the quality and also some info in the center cap size. I will like to know if either the Old Torq Thrust caps fit or if the new Torq Thrust II are the ones used. There is a bolt pattern difference in both of them, the old (Torq Thrust D) has 2.125" spacing between adjacent holes and the new Torq Thrust II have 2.250"(See pic of cap adapter tower below).

    Here is a pic of them side by side to my wheels and also the adapter tower I use for the spinners. My eagles 211 (on the right )have the old center cap pattern (2.125"" Torq Thrust D) with the look of the new Torq Thrust II(2.250"). Thanks in advance for any help you guy's can provide.


    Just for info on these wheels: I got me a set of 17"x8" from CWM. They were shipped via USPS Priority Mail on the 17 and were at my door on the 22. They came with 4 chrome air valves, 4 Plastic Center Caps and 20 chrome lug nuts 13/16" socket size and a chrome thin wall socket to match. I must say that these wheels are best fitted with 3/4" lug nuts because the 13/16" socket it's a tight fit. The chrome is "Commercial Quality Chrome Plating" so it’s 9 out of the 10. The distance between adjacent center cap mounting holes is 2 1/16" so none of the American Racing Caps fit.

    Now, these wheels are originally from Rev Wheels Model Classic 100 and they are licensed from American Racing. They are a 1 piece construction and using my 225 45 17 they fit just the same as my Eagles 211 with no tire rubbing anywhere. A difference was noted at the hub flange. There is a 1/16" deep recessed area around the lug nut holes so it's not flat like my Eagles 211. Looks are almost the same as the Eagles 211 but the spokes are less pronounce and look a bit rounded at the top. Before they were mounted I did a balance test and a run out test on them and all 4 were right on the money.

    So in general for the $969 price delivered to my door (got a discount), the inclusion of chrome valves, chrome nuts and deducting the plating flaws I will say they are ok for my application.
  3. I just got a set of 7/8" CWM wheels last week for my 66. I got the ones with the black centers and was really impressed with the quality vs the price on these wheels. Yesterday I had a set of Yokohama S drive tires mounted to the wheels in 225/45/17 and 235/45/17. no comment on how they fit yet as my car is still up on the rack for rust repairs, I just needed these things for when it gets off the rack to make it a roller. but they look damn good right now sitting in my living room...(NOT if you ask my wife tho, she wants the car crap outta her