Cylinder Head Torque Specs

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  1. I have Edelbrock heads with ARP bolts and I need to know what is the correct torque spec? I looked in the Chilton book and it says

    Step 1: 25 to 35

    Step 2: 45 to 55

    Step 3: Tighten an additional 90 degrees

    Is this the correct torque for using ARP bolts? And for step 3 what torque should it be at?
  2. Those specs are going to be for torque to yield bolts, I believe. See which ARP bolts you have and compare to the chart below in the link. I installed mine in three stages, finally ending with the recommended ARP torque spec. A lot of people use the moly lube on the threads, but I believe this is wrong. It should only go under the bolt head. Also, remember to use Teflon paste, or ARP thread sealer on the lower bolts that go into the water passages.

    Good luck!

  3. 70ftlbs with ARP bolts

    I do 30, 50 and then final

    Moly under bolt head, under washer and on threads on upper bolts

    Moly under bolt head, under washer and Teflon liquid or I prefer permatex on the threads of the lower bolts.

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  4. So 70 ft lbs is the final torque for both the long and short bolts?

  5. Correct of boost is being used I got 5-10ftlbs more on the upper bolts.

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