d&d built Viper spec t56

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by jtcstrat1, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. From my 02 GT. Its a fully built viper spec t56 from D&D

    I am looking for interest on this. Thinking of going auto. I bought this trans for 2800, brought it to d&d for them to look at it and ended up spending another grand for the rebuild because it was about to eat itself and needed all new parts.

    This trans was in my car for 10ish dyno pulls and about 300 street miles if that. held 600+hp with ease. So this thing is basically brand new still. Have the receipt for the recent rebuild from D&D


    (trans done 12/1/09, sat for a while)
    T-56 viper spec transmission
    26 spline viper spec 300M input shaft
    30 spline viper spec 300M output shaft conversion
    30 spline driveshaft yoke
    Bronze 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 fork pads
    Billet 3-4 slider inserts
    Hardened throw out bearing guide tube
    Carbon syncro rebuild kit
    New blocking Rings
    New front bearing
    New front pocket bearing
    LFP 11lb alum. flywheel
    Alum. Drive shaft
    MGW shifter
    Spec Stage 3+ full disc clutch
    Steeda adjustable clutch cable
    Steeda firewall adjuster
    Steeda double hook clutch quadrant
    03/04 cross member

    I think thats it, Im sure im missing a few things, It has all the best of the best parts, cant get much better.

    I have 3800 into it. looking for 3000, so im loosing 800 on the deal. This comes with everything listed, def a good deal. Its sitting in my garage.

    also look into 4r70w for partial trade.

    I am pretty firm on this since its new and im already taking a hit. Also looking for local pickup, im in MI


  2. Sorry I'll mind my own :) I read it fast and it was late.
  3. What are you talking about? Beat it to death? It got ran on the dyno and a few hundred street miles... How is that beating it to death? Its not like it got launched at 5k rpm, it was used in the car like the trans is built to do.

    I never beat the trans to death and then rebuilt it, i bought the trans from a guy who told me it was built, perfectly fine ect. My car was down over winter when i bought the trans, so before I even installed the trans i brought it to d&d to have them look it over or freshen it up. They looked at it and saw that it had all the good parts but was improperly built, shims were wrong, spacing and tolerance was wrong. so i had them rebuild it before i put it in my car.

    I am asking 800 less than i paid/put into it and pretty much brand new still.

    Your logic is is retarded, and quite frankley dont appreciate you in my thread and trying to start drama, if you are not interested or have nothing to say please get the **** out. thx.
  4. Sorry I'll mind my own, seems like a good deal. I actually want the T-56 magnum for the 96-98. Good luck with the sale, I have a lot of buddies with mustangs I'll spread the word. So how much off for the partial trade so I know??

  5. It all depends on how built their auto is
  6. Well what about stock?
  7. miles? stock converter? drive shaft? cross member?
  8. TTT accepting offers
  9. sale pending
  10. could be interested

    i am just about to begin buying parts for my t56 swap... i am intrigued.
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