Fox D&d K Member And Mac 1 3/4 Headers

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  1. Perhaps this will help someone down the road.

    D&D Tubular K Member + Mac 1 3/4" Long Tube Headers = NO FIT!!!

    First, I spent about 5 hours over the weekend trying to make it happen, but to no avail. Secondly, I used trusty old Google and found others that couldn't make it work either. Lastly, I reinstalled my shorties with new Percy's metal gaskets, which work beautifully by the way.

    I will hold on to the long tubes for now, but it looks like I will be running shorties with my new HCI come spring.

  2. I had D&D K member.

    Notice I said HAD, it **** up the front track (pulled the wheels inboard a lot) Removed it and happy now.
  3. Lol. Yep, I read one of your old post concerning it. I used the 99+ spindles to regain most of the lost track width. I got the k member for $100, so I'm not too upset about it, but it is definetly a poor design.