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  1. well were at the local car hang out (steakin shake) and this 16 year old punk pulls up in a 04 vet doesnt know anything about his car how much he paid or anything you could obviously tell people were embarrsing him and that daddy bought it for him i mean im 18 and have a job and can just affored my mustang let alone a 16 year old buying his own vet

    Was funny though watching him panick:SNSign:
  2. :shrug: Best story today on Stangnet. Hands down :shrug:
  3. So I'm cruising the local hangouts in my new vette ;)
  4. crapola
  5. sounds like a little jealousy to me.:shrug: I bought my own car(thats why I have a 97 NPI) I wish my dad would buy me a 04 vert and then i wouldnt even care or want to know how much it cost.

    I like the worthless threads on here and who cares if you are 18 im 20 and could get a loan for a 03 cobra but I dont like loans so I go straight cash homey.
  6. Who cares????
    Some are lucky, and some aren't

    Welcome to real life
  7. So?

    I wish i could have had a new vette at 16
  8. Maybe the kid deserves the car. Parents spoiling their kids doesn't both me, it's when the kids dont' appreciate it. Not knowing the ins and outs of a mustang doesn't mean you don't appreciate the car.

    Also, grammar is important on the internet, trying to read that made my head hurt.
  9. So thats nothing my dad bought me my car when I was 16 it's nothing special. I have friends who wreck $20,000 cars and a week later daddy bought them a 24,000 truck wich he proceeds to wreck again. Some people are just spoiled it is how the world works. My friend is 18 and has never worked a day in his life and his dad has bought him 2004 silverado SS and a 2002 Camaro SS. Oh yeah and paid to have heads and cam put on the camaro.

    He has the baddest car and truck around here and never paid a peeny for it!
  10. More power to em! If my daddy had that type of money when I was 16, I'd have begged for a sweet car too. Funny thing is, when I have kids who're 16, I'm not buying them a car at all!
  11. Some people deserve stuff like that, some dont. I have met people that are really stuck up about it, and I know people that have cars their parents helped them out with and they are really cool to hang out with.

    The reality of it is that its VERY difficult to own a nice car at a young age and pay for it on your own. Whenever I have kids, I'll buy them any car they want within a reasonable limit but they will work to pay the insurance. As long as my kids are responsible, take car of the thing, and appreciate what was given to them while working hard to make something of themself, why wouldnt they deserve it? Just because someone might have a car they cant afford doesnt mean they dont deserve it. They may very well be working hard at school with a P/T job to pay for other things but cant afford the car they want.
  12. IMHO, no kid (kid can be 16-25 y/o) deserves a car or anything else nice unless he earns it himself. my parents bought me my car 3 years ago (when i was 17, but i still paid 2.5k worth, all i had at the time) and i in no way earned it. however, i was, and still am, very gracious for having recieved it. i never did anything to not deserve it though. always been a good kid, stayed out of trouble, kept my grades up in HS and college (graduating both HS and college a year early, and being at the top of my college graduating class), and worked a part time job since i was 16. but this doesnt mean i deserve anything. when kids, or anyone else for that matter say they "deserve" somthing, i think its total BS. the only way you deserve somthing is if you work hard to pay for it, and really appreciate getting it.
  13. Yea for the most part it's jealously. I mean who wouldn't mind their parents to buy them a car...I wish mine could, but they couldn't afford it so I got to buy my first car which was crap. :) Some kids are just great kids & the parents reward them, but they don't need a fast car honestly...

    There's a kid we know, just turned 21...doesn't work, doesn't have to work...has a kid...his dad gets him everything. He's got a track ready '03 cobra that does 9.80 (1/4 mi)...right now he's having an engine built for it. Just got a new Harley Davidson F350...etc etc. He's cool though. :shrug:

    'tis life, so you can't let it bother you :)
  14. Ah, we witness another one of life's truisms.

    No matter how fast you are, someone is always faster.
    No matter how much money you obtain, you will always want more.
    No matter how much time you have, you will always waste some and want it back.

    Press on, keep a positive attitude on life. Instead of ridiculing the kid, you should become his ally. You don't get far in this world by pooping on the White House lawn. You have to play the game to win and it's done by making sure people like who you are, for what you are.
  15. I got my Mustang when I was 17, my parents each payed for a third of it and I payed for the last third. Everything I've done to it I've payed for myself (except my mom bought me my mid-pipe and shifter for my birthday:)) - I'm really grateful, especially since they continue to keep myself and siblings on their insurance policy till we graduate college (sister graduates in the fall hahahah 2 her). Insurance is more than twice what car payments would be if we hadn't bought it flat out THANX MOM N DAD :lol:
  16. i'd buy my 16 year old a vette if he wanted one.

    A Chevette!!!! 16 year olds and 400hp cars don't mix!
  17. :hail2: :hail2: QFT
  18. I wouldn't buy it for my kid just for the sheer fact that it is a high HP car.

  19. so why doesnt a hardworking, respectful, grateful, clean, drug free, mature kid NOT deserve a decent car?
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