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  1. You wasted time typing all that in a thread like this. :lol:
  2. Meh, only took about 40 seconds. I'm a philanthropist at heart.
  3. Any of you guys see that "sweet sixteen" show on MTV?

    I caught a glimpse of it today. Some stuck up 16 year old got a $100K birthday party and was getting all pissed off that her daddy wouldn't get Green Day to come play. Then she started to cry when her dad bought her a Mitsubishi Montero instead of a new eclipse, but her dad surprised her by buying her both cars!

    All through the show all she said was "I'm a princess i get what I want"
  4. There's nothing wrong with it, if he deserves it or has earned it. My parents have bought me all 3 of my cars, no big special cars.. '99 V6 Mustang, '98 Prelude and now the '02 GT.

    My best friend has gone thru 3 brand new trucks. His parents have bought all of them. 1st was a 2003 Silverado Ext. cab (brand new at the time), they paid to have a system, TV's in the dash/headrests and 22's put on it.. along with the exhaust... his 2nd truck was an '05 F150 4x4 4dr Lariat with every friggin option. It had 20's, 35" o/r tires and a 6" Fabtech Lift kit ($40k truck). Then he got rid of it and got an '06 Sierra after about 6 months. They're about to put 20's, 35" tires and 6" lift on it. But he is DEFINATELY not ungreatful. He appreciates everything his parents and uncle (Lawyer Tim Boe, works for Rose Law Firm and represented the Clintons in the ┬┐white water? crap) have done for him.
  5. that air freshener just makes the car menacing :rlaugh:

    nice car tho
  6. I paid for my car at 17 :D.

    Personally no matter how much a kid deserves it, I refuse to buy my future kids their first car outright. I will help them out with a beater (chances are great that they will **** it up), but won't pay for a brand new car.
  7. I have no issues with buying your kid a descent first car, I would much prefer to pony up some $$ and have my kid driving a safer and more reliable car than a 1981 Chevette or something that is just junk.

    I wouldnt buy my kid a Benz or a muscle car or something like that even if I had the $$ because chances are a 16 year old kid is going to be 16 and wreck it. No sence imo of wrecking an expensive car up front.
  8. To hell with buying them something really nice at first they need to leaen the value of saving and paying for a car when they are young...thats one of the worst things you can do is give a young kid a sports car at that age when rarely one will actually have the common sense to drive it correctly.
  9. im trying to understand your question since you used a double negative. i thought i explained myself well enough in my post that you quoted, but i guess i'll try again. theres nothing wrong with a good kid getting somthing nice from his parents. i did. but does the kid really DESERVE it? i say no. in my honest opinion, no kid deserves anything as nice as a brand new vette. i was/am that kid that you described. drug free, mature, respectful, hardworking, grateful, honest, etc etc, but i dont think i deserved a 15k mustang GT. i was def grateful for it though. i think the only way anyone is deserving of anything is if they work to pay for it themselves.
    my sentiments exactly, and i speak from experience. ive done many a dumb thing in my car, as well as in my previous car (98 GT) and my mom's car (02 WRX). im grateful for being alive after some of the stupid things ive done. then i kinda had an awakening as it were. an epiphany. i realized i didnt earn the car i was driving, so why do stupid things in it. i started to value my life and lose that "im invincible" feeling.
  10. I would buy my kid a BUSA and have a turbo put on it. :rlaugh:
  11. I'm very torn about this topic since I'm a dad of older children. When I was 16 I bought my first car which was a brand new Mercury Comet. Now don't laugh... one, it was the middle '70s and the Mustang was crap. My dad wouldn't let me buy a used GTO, Javlin or an older Mustang eventhough every penny came out of my pocket. I worked a job everyday.

    When my daughter graduated from High School a couple years ago and she had really good grades. I bought her what I could afford at the time. A '96 convertible emerald green metal-flake v6 Mustang. It was in great condition. I even paid half of her insurance. Then eight months later she let her loser boyfriend drive it and he totalled it. Unknown to me she also dropped the insurance down to liability so she wouldn't have to pay so much. The insurance did not cover the car. That was the only car I bought her. If she had paid for it I doubt she would have let numb nuts behind the wheel. Oh well, live and learn...

    I made her boyfriend buy her another one but she chipped in... now she has a '95 red mustang coupe in ok condition. Kids...
  12. In my case, i earned a full tutition scholarship to college, so i feel like i 'earned' the car i got. It was a $5k beater, but it still runs like a champ and its a great DD/winter beater. As for the mustang, i've paid for every single penny of the 3 that i've had. Deserve isn't really a good word for it, earned it is a better word. No one 'deserves' a car, but you can deffinitely earn one.
  13. yeah, i agree. i like the word earn more than deserve. a kid can very well earn a car through good grades, behavior and the such. a deserving kid is rare, if at all
  14. ive seen it. those kids need to be shipped off to a foreign country and work for 18 cents an hour making boots or something.

    what is the point of that show seriously?
  15. that's easy, that show proves its never too late for an abortion
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