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  1. WOO WOO!!

    Yo' snap.

    I just gat daaaaaa WOOOOOOO. Fo ****zle.


    No someone didn't break into my account. I replaced the 90 Probe crap pile with a roller skate. A 2000 Daewoo Lanos 3 door with a 4 speed auto and 39,000 Miles in near perfect condition. The powertrain is under warranty for 5 years 60,000. Great for back and forth to work. I have a friend that co-owns a used car lot, he let me buy it for what he paid for it... $3000.00. I plan on getting rid of it by June or July of 2004. I needed a beater that wasn't beaten. It just so happens that it will smoke any Mustang, Corvette or Camaro ever made. Anyone care to drag race? :p
  2. Daewoo? Where's one of those puking smileys when you need it??!!

    Nah, they're cheap as hell. Probably more bang for your buck than a Cavalier or something like that.
  3. a dAEWOO lamos ( not a typo ):rlaugh:
  4. Right here..... :puke:
  5. some kid at my school put a A-1 racing sticker on his daewoo, and has some nice hubcaps with an exhaust tip...
  6. don't feel bad about getting it........I've been contemplating a new honda insight (for da mileage, YO)

    If I do get one, I'd have to pimp it out with 22" dubs and a big japanese symbol that means "glorified golf cart"
  7. my friend has one at school and he has a lanos sport. everyone racks on him for it , everyone tells hime parts will be $$ and hard to find. hes a ricer tho. hes got 17"s on it and rice muffler, all the crap, so that just makes it worst.
  8. Mike, you keep getting further down the ladder. How much hp does that thing have? 30? 35 or so? :p :p
  9. Must I kick your ass then steal your GTP my firend?

    Without going into alot of detail I will say that my current financial situation is a little ugly at the moment, but I still have my job that I have ben on for over 9 years.

    I think this car is an upgrade from the Probe. Granted the rolling pile Probe was faster when running, but, it was a pile. This Daewoo is under warranty and runs perfectly. I'd rather have that than a piece of junk.

    I will indeed remedy the situation of having no speed in the near future. Patience sometimes pays off. :D

    In the meantime I console myself with the fact that things could be much, much worse. I see people driving old Ford Fesiva's and Dodge Omni's with dents and rust and smoke comming out the tailpipe etc... and I see some people taking the bus that walk home from the bus stop. No... I don't really feel too bad, it runs perfect, has a CD player and AC and it was dirt cheap and it is economical. And for a ultra sub compact... although slow with 105HP and 106 Ft.Lbs, it's quicker than you'd expect. Quicker than most old small sub-compact economy cars. Ex.. 94 Ford Escort with 88HP.
  10. I'll sell him mine in June for $2500. He's tooo dumb to know GM bought Daewoo and has all parts available and honor's warranty for them. So he might think he needs another one for a parts car. :shrug:
  11. So when are you going to put some mods in this mystery machine?

  12. Mod the Daewoo? Umm.... not. I did put in some Bosch Platinum +2's in, but I don't consider that a mod. I did it for maintenance. I would buy a K&N but just so I can reuse the filter and get better mileage, but I don't plan on keeping it very long so no K&N.

    Next oil change I might spend a few minutes removing the intake resonator if it appears to be restrictive and is not a hasle to remove, but only for fuel economy's sake.
  13. Thats what happened to them. I was gonna say, what good is a warranty from a company that doesnt exist? I guess I am stupid, too. Oh and on a related note I bought a 2003 kia Spectra, lol. Stripped, but it has a CD player. 9,800 out the door with a ten year powertrain warranty, I am not complaining. So I feel your pain Mike, lol.

  14. I didn't meant to insult anyone. However, you don't own a Daewoo so why waste time learing about the warranty? If you DID own a Daewoo and didn't know that... then it might be a different story.
  15. Well Mike, I wish you luck, and can't wait until you return to the ways of the L67. But it better be soon, or you're gonna have to spend a lot to catch up. :nice:
  16. I must be blind or something, but I just realized that I've probably only noticed about 3 of those on the road before. and one of those i did an oil change on. i noticed those things are made like saturns too, they're plastic.

    since GM owns them, do you guys think they share any powertrain components with saturns?
  17. I dont think that GM has ever made any Daewoos, but I could be wrong.
  18. GM does own the lion's share of Daewoo now (I believe they own 51%). They operate as GMDAT (GM Daewoo Automotive & Technology).

    Hop on the GM website - the new Chevy Aveo is actually a Daewoo (basically designed by Daewoo prior to being purchased by GM, and rebadged as a Chevrolet). In Canada, GM is selling two more Chev models that are actually rebadged Deawoos as well; the Chevy Optra and Epica. They're not available in the US.

    They don't share anything with Saturns.

  19. They don't make them but, my Daewoo has a GM 4T40E automatic transmission in it, even says so in the OWNERS MANUAL. Also GM owns Daewoo.

    They are using Daewoo's old plant etc.. to manufacture a new small car line, like the new Chevrolet Aveo...

  20. Thanks and hopefully it won't be too awful long from now.

    *talks to self* Patience... patience....