Progress Thread Daily Driver.... 89 GT - She’s running a tad warmer now…


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Mar 6, 2000
Portland, OR
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The last couple weekends I have had to do some maintenance. The weekend before last I blew a wheel cylinder so I had to do the rear brakes. While it was up in the air I changed the transmission fluid.

Sunday evening the radiator decided to puke coolant all over the place after a 1 mile errand. I had a used OEM brass radiator that someone gave me so I did an emergency radiator swap Sunday night to get me by for the time being.

The last couple days have been in the high 90’s here. Temp gauge has been hovering around half way mark maybe a needle width or two past during my commute home the last couple days which is a bit higher than with the old radiator. With the old radiator it would stay under half. Tonight I went to McDonald’s and in while waiting in the drive thru it the temp gauge creeped up to almost the 3/4 mark.

At what point on the gauge is the car overheating? I am guessing the half way mark is about 200 deg. Is that a correct assumption?


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Feb 18, 2001
Yeah, you'll really need to stick an aftermarket gauge in an intake port to get a real number, although if you use the rear ports on the manifold, they run a little bit cooler than the front location where the stock gauge sender is.

If the rad swap is whats causing the overheating, i'd make sure the fins are all clear and straight and make sure there isn't a calcium build-up inside the radiator blocking the passages. A vinegar flush can help remove some of this