daily driver thread.

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  1. post pics or list the rides in your stable that take on daily duty status or off season duty when you are not cruising the stang. show us what ya got :nice:.

    My daily rides..
  2. That's baaad dude!!!

    Haha, no I used to have a 97, boring as hell but work every time.

    1987 Yamaha Fazer 700 and a 1993 Explorer XLT 5 spd!
  3. I need to add my explorer..

  4. My 2003 GT is my DD


    Although if anyone ever buys it, i'll be pickup up a loaded 2006 Infinity G35X as soon as I can.
  5. 2002 vw jetta 1.8t with a few things done to make it a little less boring to shift through the gears
  6. My daily driver is a 1992 Jeep Cherokee with a 4.6L inline six stroker engine and 5-speed manual gearbox, but I also use my Stang sometimes to drive to work and for weekend cruising.

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    i love it. its an awesome car.
  8. ^^ nice ride :nice:.
  9. Nice explorer greensvt, we just got rid of our 06 for the fusion...I miss it already.

    The primary while the 95 sits in the garage.

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  10. Just sold this last Saturday.:( This was my dd for 2 years, fun to drive and great on gas. Oh well, I'm gonna have 10 times as much fun with my stang!!!:D

  11. A manual explorer, those are pretty rare. I have only seen one and that was a state vehicle.

    Thanks, I love my 06. It has the V8 which gets about the same mpg as the V6, neither of which is any good right now :rolleyes:, but teh wife won't get rid of it. The fusion is really nice ride though, i test drove one and liked it alot but I got a drop dead good deal on the taurus for my daily. she is a sweet looking ride and I like the color :nice:.
  12. thank you. :D
  13. my fox is my DD...
  14. My DD. 2004 V6 Mustang. Son in law is buying it in December. :banana:
    Once that happens, this will be taken off weekend Warrior status and put on DD status. 1989 5.0 Notch.
    This is and will remain retired to weekend Warrior status. 1980 5.0 Capri. Swap back to 4 eye is in it's future.
  15. HAHAHA oh man you guys have got to see my DD. I'll take some pics and post soon.

    Lets just say Crown Vic with more than 250K miles.
  16. Here she is:

    How many people have pics of their daily driver getting outrun, yeah I bet that's not as plentiful. Lol!
  17. Don't have any pics on file here at work (it's nothing much to look at, anyhow), but my DD is in my sig. It's a heap, but it's handy, cheap, and (so far) reliable - not bad for $750, huh?:nice: