daily driver thread.

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  1. ^^^ darkwriter it doesn't matter what it looks like, so ya it's worthy of a look. the point of the thread was to showcase or share the other rides we have.

    speaking of which we have some nice ones so far :nice:. Hey FrankenStang do the four conversion, that would be an awsome project!!
  2. 96 GT. 120k, 5spd(TKO 500), 2.73's..... Livernois intake kit, CAI, Flows (40's) cat-back and JMS tune. 26 mpg...... Think I got a front hub going bad, but it has been a good ride thus far.

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  3. Thanks, I had the 4.6 aswell. Looking at the sticker and the same gas mileage listing i figured it was worth the extra cost, plus it had the 6 speed and it did well towing. Driving 48 miles one way to work adds up right now though.
  4. Maybe Frankenstang could post up a couple o' pics for me, since she's at home on my computer...? :shrug:
  5. Hey Mike, looking for one of these bad boys. Hands down one of my favorites even though motor trend & car & driver pick the 3 series in test with the g35, the g's numbers are always damn close or better.to me for $$ the G is my pick. I'm suprised no one has scoped up the stang, she is a very clean example!!


  6. post them darn things up :D.
  7. I wouldn't mind putting my wipers on HER headlights... :D
  8. 1990 Honda Accord EX-R. 150,000 KM . I like it, but its not very good on gas. My Mustang is just barely worse.

  9. '02 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 40th anniversary edition
    '07 Ford Edge AWD (company vehicle).

    I'd so love to dump the GTP for an Infinity G35 or G37 coupe. :drool:
  10. :D gonna be doing that here in a little bit i think...high beams are on too :D

    don't let frankie catch you saying those things though...doesnt she have an HID set herself? :lol:
  11. i want pictures of stinky. nikwoac you too.
  12. It'll be getting a Capri front end as soon as I can find one. :(
    I'm on it!!
    See above
    Me too. :drool:
    Again, see above. :D

  13. Sorry, I was busy making lesbian Sims. :D

    All hail Stinky! :hail2:

  14. Thanks. :nice:

    Still trying to decide if I wanna simply give Stinky a fresh coat of (Rustoleum) white paint, or if I want to go through the hassle of switching it over to black. It'd look WAY better in black, but I'd have to paint the interior panels and such to match, and unless I strip it all down or prime the whole thing, every nick/scratch is going to show white underneath. :shrug:

    Only drove the 'vert to work today for the first time in I dunno how long, and right away I was not only missing the luxury of A/C and a radio (even though Stinky's only rocking a tape deck with 10-year-old speakers), but I went through almost a quarter-tank of gas in the 'vert going ONE WAY to work! :eek:

    Stinky's 26 MPG and 20-gallon fuel tank FTW. :nice:
  15. 2499116153_f362c9d7ec.jpg
    Maybe a bike if I play my cards right
  16. Stinky Stinky Stinky uga chugga chugga luga
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    Stinky Stinky Stinky uga chugga chugga luga

  17. 2000 Exploder...i like it. its nice. but i miss having something fun to drive.


    the toy...ive drove it twice this year. with the way gas it is dont come out much. but with my dads foot being broke i drive it when i want. :D

  18. I just snapped pics of my beast, bought it for 900 bucks, put a clutch in it and just put a new exhaust on it. Its a great car and relatively quick too. I ran 15.4 @ 92 with her. I think I can squeeze high 14's out of her but the clutch is weak as hell and I dont want to break the differential like they like to do in these cars. I'm probably going to paint the roof and top of the trunk lid semi gloss black to go with the hood to cover up the hideous delamed paint and make it look a little better
  19. Jesse, i love that SHO. makes me miss my 95. and i saw you saturday on 517 just north of 80 on the long straight just before tranquility farms. you were headed north but the green gen 1 sho with numbers on the windows kinda stood out to me...lol