daily driver thread.

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  1. Mine,

    91 eagle summit 5spd. 90hp <- Can get 40 mpg. :D

    89 Ranger 2.9 automatic


    100 (2).jpg
  2. Nice SHO. Great cars, I miss my dad's 95 auto. How long have you had it? Hope you're prepared to change a few alt's and starters..haha.

    Daily driver


    Weekend cruiser. :D

  3. g1.jpg


    '03 G35 Coupe
  4. My daily drivers are a 2008 Jeep Liberty and a 2008 Jeep Patriot. Than my weekend drivers are a 1989 mustang lx and a 1992 Camaro Z28.
    The camaro hardly ever sees the road I have owned it for 14 years and have put on 9k miles.
    I hope to have pictures of them up soon
  5. I've had my SHO since November 07. Its been a great car so far, terrible in the snow without snow tires but oh well. The rear calipers have been acting up on me but I'm not too worried about it. The kid I bought it off of was a SHO fanatic and took ridiculous care of it so I really haven't had to worry about much.
  6. My DD is my Merkur and i love it. It drives so smooth and handles like a glove and it's really cool driving something that most people have no idea what it is.
  7. my D.D is an 86 mustang gt vert. 65 miles a day. full sfcs; strut tower support; g-load brace; ford motorsport "C" spring kyb shocks/struts/quads; msd 6a ignition; 6 pt. rollbar, and best of all 361,400 ORIGINAL miles.only engine work has been
    2 timing chains. one at 145,000. the other at 290,000. original tranny, rearend. and it passes calif smog....... legally .
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  8. Here is my dd. Great gas mileage.
  9. was that pic taken at 5speedsteed's house or something, looks like a couple pics off here put into one lol
  10. yea its his house the day i got the car.

  11. i want a merkur. :p

    i love my golf tho.
  12. Well, for now this is my DD:


    I have already started looking for a DD, but won't be able to buy anything until next June. I'm looking at maybe a Malibu, Avenger, or Charger. Need something with good mpg and room for 5 if I want to take the whole family. Sometimes I will drive the wife's Montana if she is home and the weather is looking bad (hail, heavy snow, etc).
  13. haha yeah, thats my house. i dunno how it looks like a bunch of pics into one though. cause you can see my other 2 cars there?

    the configuration of my house is this:


    thats my driveway, and im on top of a 2 car covered carport, my parents usually are there, but i have snagged one for my mustang now that im driving the jeep. the mustang usually is there where you see it to the side however.