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  1. First off I accidentally posted this in the Tech section, if a Mod want to delete it from there I would be appreciative.

    I have been trying to figure out a daily driver when I return to the states. I will still have my F150 but something with better gas mileage for everyday would be nice. I will be in Colorado and have kids. I had an Escape on order but not sure I want it. The cars I have been looking at are an old used 96-98 GT, a New focus ST, and mustangs

    My sales guy has some leftovers at great prices. A 12' Premium GT, tech pack, bremo pack, and the appearance (louvers, scoops, pedestal spoiler, and racing stripe) for 32K

    He also had a bare bones 13' GT for 27K and a 13' V6 premium Club of America, track pack, comfort package for 26k, another smoking deal.

    Totally different angle but he had a loaded to the gills focus titanium for 20k.

    Thoughts guys. The GT is nice nut the 8k less for the 6 is a lot of money
  2. For a DD, I'd probably go for the focus. If you do a new Mustang, I'd go with the V6. Excellent performance, good mileage, lower insurance.
  3. I daily drive an 06 Mustang GT, now have 136000+ miles. Have 3 kids too. I get decent mileage if I don't beat hard on it. Dependable as can be. If I were to flash back to 06 to do it again knowing what I know after doing it, I would do it all over again. I daily drove my 88 Mustang LX 5.0 to 357,000 miles.
  4. No argument that you can DD a GT. My point was that the new V6 is an awesome performer, and would make a great DD, that'll give performance on par with the 05-09 GT, get significantly better mileage, and be lower on insurance. No slam on your 06 Gt at all, but they've really changed the game with the 11+ V6. With the MCA package and all the other options OP listed, that's a very nice, comfortable, well-performing car.
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  5. He is also going to be in Colorado. No doubt I'd much rather have the '12 premium gt but with kids and snow I'd go with the Focus.
  6. For the ease of winter driving, and for the extra room/storage, I feel the Focus would be the best option.

    Plus, since it's a loaded Titanium model, it might have the "sport suspension" package!
  7. I just drove the SE with sport package they have here. It should be very similar to the Titanium minus a few interior toys. It handled OK but that 6 speed automatic kinda pissed me off a little, it almost seemed like it was confused. Now add 6 thousand feed of elevation above sea level and I think I would be downright unhappy. I think that takes me to the boosted ST or the GT. I see the V6 mustang dynos a whopping 186hp in Denver. mmm, not sounding like a load of fun there with a ~3600lb car.
  8. I can tell you from personal experience, the Focus ST can supply one with more than enough fun for the daily drive:nice:

    The only questions you need to answer, are what color and do you want the Recaro's/Nav??
  9. Blue and no, ST1 for me. If I really want a nice stereo I can get aftermarket silly, pay less and have better sound. The money I would have spent on Recaro can get me a second set of wheels for snow tires should I get the ST
  10. With the altitude in CO the only way you will have any fun driving with a little 4 banger is with the ST. I would get the ST for a DD in your location and have fun in the summer months.

  11. Yea the St is 3 k less than the Base GT, a little more practical and more creature comforts, but man the mustang is a great car. Logic says ST all the way but deep down that GT is calling, practical or not
  12. I live in Iowa and daily drive a 12 GT. I have a beater for the snowy days, but I drive the 'stang year round when roads are clear. I recommend all-season tires, as the stock Pirellis are terrible when it is cold. And by cold I don't mean just freezing cold; <50 degrees and it is very noticeable.

    Before the Mustang I had an 08 Mazdaspeed 3, which is very similar to the Focus ST. Without the right tires it is as terrible as the Mustang on bad weather. Though maybe instead of going into the ditch you go nowhere. Anyway, I hated driving the Mazda on the rain a lot more than I do the Mustang. FWD with a lot of power is not very good, IMO.
  13. Those STs are pretty amazing. Might be hard to pass up. Apparently the torque vectoring is really good, too, so you don't get much understeer.