Dakota Digital VHX question


Mar 24, 2018
I have a 65 Mustang coupe, standard interior. Wanted to install the Dakota Digital VHX gauges in a Pony 5 gauge bezel.

I bought the kit and the install went fine right up to the point where the instructions say “re-use four of the screws that mount your old gauges to the bezel”. This is an issue, because I didn’t have any gauges...

See attached pics to help with the description in the next part:

The Dakota Digital kit came with four screws out of the eight required to mount the gauges to the bezel (why they don’t provide all eight for the price I paid I can not tell you).

Looking at them they only fit where the gauge pod was shorter (closer) to the bezel, so I need longer screws. Does anyone know either

1. Where to buy the screws I need along with the part number (because everywhere I call tries to sell me the 6 screw kit to mount the bezel to the dash)


2. What is the length and screw thread pitch that I need so I can go to the hardware store and just buy some stainless steel screws.



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