~Dallas Cruise and GTG Pics~

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  1. Had a great time today cruising around Dallas with a bunch of friends and took some pictures so I thought I would share some.

    Here were the FOX pics along with the group shots.

    All pictures were taken with my Nikon D80.

    The Gang.


    Steve's Vibrant Red. 93. Cobra motor with TFS Twist Wedge heads and S-Trim. 450 RWHP :rock:




    Kevin's Red 1984 SVO. 22 PSI 4 cylinder runs 12.0's . 374/374 :rock:


  2. Some sexy ass cars there!

    Also is that just point and shoot? Is there anything you did special with the camera or can someone buy one, mess with the settings and shoot pics like that? I'm looking for a new camera and want something good but don't want to have to buy all kinds of "add ons" to get good pics!
  3. nice cars dude holy crap
  4. Great pic's!
  5. Thanks. The Nikon D80 is not really a point and shoot camera, but it does great in Auto Mode. It is a DSLR camera. The lens has a lot more to do with it actually.
  6. Got any pics of the rest of the bunch? Those are awesome pics BTW and gorgeous Foxs.
  7. Super-Clean stangs!

    Any idea what suspension Steve is runnin on the 93' Cobra? I want my car to sit like that. :nice:
  8. saved every one of them....that red cobra is fawkin hot
  9. Those pictures are awesome, some really sick cars...nice photography.

    Man i wish i could still cruise this time of year
  10. SOME GOOD DESK TOP PICTURES THERE!!! SWEET! James:nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  11. All beautiful cars! Love the Cobra!
  12. Thanks all.

    Here are some of the others.

    Womack's Sonic Blue 03! Whipple 2.3 20 psi 650 RWHP :rock:




    Javier's Comp Orange 04. Pullied Eaton 8# lower 480/500 :rock:


    Foofinator's Screaming Yellow 04. 302 Stroker Whipple 3.4 @ 17 psi 685/740 :rock:



    Meridith's (Steve's Wife) Azure Blue 03 Mach1. Exhaust, intake, wheels. :rock:



  13. I wanna say nice slicks but the profile is too low. What r they?

    Nice stangs! There's over 5000HP in that group pic! :nice:
  14. Amen to that...His stance is Perfect! I want me some of that...
  15. that svo is sick
  16. They are actually Hoosier Road Race tires. I can't believe he runs them on the street.

    I'll have to find out what he has for suspension.
  17. Great pics as usual!
  18. [​IMG]

    Mustangs are pure sex on wheels :hail2: !!

  19. f-in sweet. badass cars right there. that SVO looks tuff!!
  20. Is it the angle of the camera or is that Orange Cobra slammed?

    What's the story with the 93? That is one clean SOB!! Original? How many miles on it?