"Damage Control" w/pics (Cowl Vents)

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  1. Help me assess the damage from rust. On the cowl vents do I want to use all of the new patch panels on this? I'm curious how you correctly place the windshield wiper for the driver side, that doesn't look like it is going to be too fun... any tips/tricks on that?




    The bigger hole on the D/S is my mistake when I removed the fender apron extension..

    Sorry for the big pics if you're on dial-up.

    As for the paint, I went to my local paint store and picked up some 1k etching primer, another top coat primer for the etching and some paint. I'm a little worried about the top cowl underside (?) and I'm curious about it. I need to sand to get rid of the rust completely before putting on the etching primer, correct?

    (Wasn't Damage Control the unit on the submarines responsible for damage assessment during WW2, etc.? It just popped in my mind and reminded me of old war movies I used to watch..)
  2. I just finished the cowl in my 67. I used the entire panels aside from the normal trimming and fitting. As for the wiper, I cut out the triangular piece from the original and welded it onto the replacement panel. You need to cut out the triangle, tac in the new one, and then install the wiper and put the cowl on to test for fit. I took me 5 or six tries to get it just right. Just take your time and fit and refit the wiper. Getting the cowl off is the hardest part of the whole project. I used por 15 to paint the whole cowl section and the underside of the cowl section. Good Luck!
  3. here's what i did on mine . .
    i cut out about 1/2" or so shorter than the new panels. then trimmed it to about 1/4" and got everything to fit, then clamped it down and welded it. coated everything with POR-15, including the underside of the top cowl panel, then calmped and welded that on too. coated the rest and i was done.

    i did 2 coats of the POR-15. i did just regular POR-15, then i did a coat of the POR-15 chassis coak which is protected against UV, or else the stuff would just flake off.

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  4. Nice Work :nice: :nice:

    FYI: Por15 will not flake off if left without topcoating, it will only change color (solely an aesthetic issue). UV will not effect adhesion or effectiveness of untopcoated Por15
  5. not in my experience. regular por15 indeed does start to flake if exposed to sun over and over.
  6. Is that the Mythbusters Toyota pickup parked out on the road?

  7. I also have a decent amout of photos on my cardomain site on the cowl. Many more pictures if you need them, just let me now.
  8. Did you butt-weld the seams together or lap weld? If you butt-weld do you need to leave a gap between the two sheetmetals, or put them tight together..?

    Everyone's cowl repairs look great!! :nice:

    I'm not going to POR-15 route as I've heard good and bad about it. I only want to do this once, so I'm going to try and sand to metal what I can and primer and paint.
  9. i did a lap weld. i didn't want any chance of it leaking, and by doing the lap weld where i did, it allows for maximum water flow so no water will be sitting
  10. Here is how I did it. THere is a leather "washer" that I used as a template to mark and drill the holes for the wiper location. Pics to explain: