Damage Costs

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  1. Crashed the stang the other day :( Looks like I'll be needing a right front fender, aftermarket hood, 6-piece headlight kit, and a new front bumper. Ive got a 1990 GT, so what kinda damage am I lookin at price wise?? Probably will want a stalker front bumper, and whoever has that beautiful maroon 5.0 with the pic of it on the trailer, well I LOVE that hood!! probably a clear corners 6-piece kit, as well as a stock fender... any ideas? preferably canadian $$, but if not thats fine. I can still get a ballpark.
  2. us dollars:
    1200-1300 give or take depending on hood.... price quoted, all new stuff with a 1.5" ram air Cervini's hood... ooh... plus freight costs for hood, etc.

    used 50resto.com for info... hope this helps?
  3. Hmmmm Maybe the prices have changed since that was posted in 2004!!!!
  4. Thanks Adam...
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  12. Full Metal jacket, Im likin it mybad. I watched that last night.
    "7.62 mm full metal jacket"
  13. Watched it last weekend :nice:

    I have a SKS too btw- brand new only 3 rounds ever shot out of it
  14. it wasn't a sks in the movie tho. m14

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