Damaged Resonator

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by OkieHick, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Upon installing a Draw-Tite hitch receiver on my new 2014 GT this morning, I noticed that one of my resonators was damaged. One side is dented in by maybe 1/2 inch along most of the length of the unit....I didn't specifically measure. Will this affect anything with regard to its performance? I'd take it in for warranty repair, but if the damage is only cosmetic in nature, I won't bother with the hassle.
  2. Ride on with it.

    I doubt that anyone would replace under warranty. Sounds like maybe the resul of road damage?
  3. Damage didn't happen on my watch...and I've driven it for all of its 1600 miles. There's no surrounding damage. I believe that a damaged part was simply put on at the factory.
  4. I have since found out that the dent is normal.from the factory, so it's not an issue....
  5. Cool.

    You'd have had a hell of time convincing the dealership if it were. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. It wouldn't have slow anything down.
  6. These is an SSM telling dealers this is normal. If you flip the other resonator around it will have the same dent on the top. I am fixing mine with a Borla ATAK exhaust.
  7. I bet if I spent $414 on 2 new sections with un-dinged resonators, the exhaust resonance in my interior would go away (occurs at 1900-2000 rpm only). But it's really not that much of an annoyance despite the fact I kinda wish it weren't there.