Damn Ice!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 95GTvert[bv12], Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Well i was pulling into the my colleges parking lot after droping off my Gf to her final......and the next thing i know is that i am turn the wheel but the truck (not my mustang) isn't turning...i was only doing about 5mph but i slid in to a 87 VW Van. We exchange insureance stuff and called them companies but my questions is who is at fault here....am i at fault beause my vehical slid or is no-one at fault?

    Both cars are driveable my Girl Friends truck has a ding in the bumper, a dent (small) above the head light, some broken plastice and a broken fog light cover...the light bulp is still working...And the VW has the driver side coner sashed up pretty good and a dent behind the driver side door, I guess i slid down after hitting here for that one.

    Either way no-one was except my pride and soon to be the school administrations ear for not getting the parking lot's clean before the start of school DURING FINALS WEEK.
  2. i dont know how it works in CA but in NY if its caused by weather it goes under no-fault :shrug:
  3. It's actualy NV....No-fault is what i am hoping for...i know in CA it would be No-fault but the truck was in NV with NV plates