damn this ain't too much fun. 5.4 3v swap

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by billfisher, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. update on 5.4 3v swap

    forgot the fuel system on this crate. return style means one more thing to figure out. almost ready to pull the 4.6. got it unbolted.

    intake requires a butane iron to weld. regular irons do not work. i am just imagining this thing. i feel this is the way to go for getting even with LS's. a couple more days.
  2. man i cant wait to see some slips and pics keep us posted man
  3. is that a 351?
  4. Nah, it's about 330 cid.

    Keep up the good work Bill.
  5. i wish i could do that to mine!... post up pics and vids when u get done.. i wanna see that thing in action
  6. :stupid:

    Keep it up :nice:
  7. thats sweet a 5.4L we will need to see that in action :D and the LS's will be :owned:
  8. i am glad to solve all these tech problems for all to benefit from.

    1. short runner intake is easy to do. it does take time and a careful hand. but it will shift the max rpm torque(hp) to 5700 from 5000. i am compiling a list of special tools for this.

    2. converting T/B to manual requires manual sensor conversion. removal of motor and drive shaft. adding bellcrank to use factory cable. parts list and fab methods will be listed. T/B is 75mm so use it. also 75-85mm 89-93 5.0 T/B will work also. IAB is built into manifold. fatory harness works.

    3. my stang has return style fuel system. good for global tuning with regulator, bad for 5.4 fuel rail. more later.
  9. Wow, cant wait to see the finished product !! What are you doing for exhaust manifolds ??