Damsel in distress

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  1. I love my Mustang but I can't afford a huge repair bill. My Dad said he can help repair it but I want to lead him in the right direction.
    When I turn hard left and sometimes when I turn right, I hear a clicking sound come from the rear of the car. After doing some research I found that it may be the clutch packs. I like to do burn outs some times a I do think that it only spins the right rear tire.
    Does this sound like the problem to you, and if so is it hard to do at home?
  2. I only recently purchased my first mustang but I have been around muscle cars most of my life. That being said, it sounds like a problem with your rear differential. If your car has a posi-traction, or limited slip differential, than both tires should spin during a simple burnout from a dead stop. The only time only the right rear should spin is if you are doing a burnout while making a right turn or a similar move. That coupled with the clicking noise coming from the rear of the car it sounds like a problem with a rear gear - either ring or pinion - or something within that system. Usually not a simple fix. Most people that I have known to have similar problems don't necessarily look to just replace the damaged part, but the entire rear assembly. Not sure about Mustangs, but I believe this requires removing the axles, bearing, etc and replacing the entire unit. Although with the internet and the right tools nothing is impossible. Good luck with it
  3. It turned out that it was the "Clutch Packs" that control the limited slip. My dad bought the replacement kit from Ford for $181 and installed it in a couple of hours. Now I don't get a one tire burn-out and the noise is gone. Thanks for your help.
  4. welcome aboard glad you got it worked out!
  5. great news...glad your dad has mechanical skills !