Dangerous posi issue, please help! Almost died.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by mustang_jr+, May 17, 2010.

  1. I had my posi rebuilt and put in. Car was fine for a day
    until I was shifting from 2nd to 3rd at wot and
    the rear locked up solid and the car was basically dragging the

    I backed out into neutral, and it did the same thing until I slowed down to
    40mph and dropped it into 3rd.

    Coming home after that, going downhill, not accelerating,
    shift to third, rear locks solid, card dragging the wheels.

    This is crazy dangerous, I almost died the first time
    as the car fishtailed back and forth.

    Any idea? It has all new clutches. I was reading it might be a bad spider gear??

    96 cobra...
    Please comment this is bad and I have no desire to wind upside down in
    a ditch.
  2. It could be an issue with the ring and pinion gears. Does it make a lot of noise too?
  3. holy chit, Id guess its the spyder gears also, if it was R&P, after it locked once it'd usually stay locked.

    take it apart, post pics
  4. Who rebuilt it? :doh: Might want to have a word with them...
  5. First, Its good to see you made it okay.

    yea I woulda taken the car back and ****ed a lot. Thats why people always say go with a very reputable shop to do rear-end work... Yank it out.... see what the deal is, and have someone else rebuilt/install it.
  6. No noise, when it's going to hell it sounds like popping noises.
  7. there is a dowel pin that runs through the posi it has one small bolt that holds it in and the pin holds the spider gears these can back out and lock against the housing of the rear end pull the cover and look if it did most likely just pull and junk the rear end
  8. It looks like I broke my torque box.
  9. That sucks man, what are you going to do?
  10. I'm going to have to reweld it or get tougher ones.

    I knew I should have put in a panhard bar, but I never
    did and this happened.

    It's a lot cheaper and easier to fix than if I blew up the rear.

    14 years of driving is a long time, so I guess stuff is prone to
    breaking as our cars get older. I also did some stuff
    that added power and I guess it was too much.