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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by Suspect, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. SOLD!!

    Dart iron eagle sportsman race block (std bore). 327.
    probe 4340 3.250 forged crank. zero balanced
    probe 4340 5.400 h-beam rods with arp bolt upgrade.
    probe dished pistons (14.2cc).

    and whats going with it..

    melling oil pump, pick up, and moroso pan. has been tapped for oil line
    arp shaft.
    comp timing chain.
    pioneer balancer.
    fidanza billet steel flywheel.
    arp head studs.
    crane link bar lifters.

    i can leave the cam or i can take it out. its custom grind for a s/c (Jay Allen). will give the specs when sold.

    asking 4400 for everything.
    pan and cam ill take 4000.
    just shortblock 3800.
  2. Is this motor used or new? If used, how many miles and or passes on it? Why are you selling it? An finally do you have any pictures of it? Feel free to post here or PM me.

  3. did you talk to me on corral?

    never raced only street driven. built for a boost but never saw a s/c or turbo. motor at the most has 3000 miles on it. i liked the way it drove NA and just decided that was the way for me. so i pulled it and going with a NA 408. i figured if im going that direction i might as well start with a 351.

    i think my motofeet come today so ill get some pics this week.
  4. 331 dart

    im very interested in the motor, what compression ratio are the pistons, also what would u want for everything shipped to 08093,

    thanks dave
  5. No, I am only on stangnet, but thanks for the pictures. Just a few more questions?

    First is the block painted? If it is what did you use to paint it and what color? If I bought this I am trying to avoid tearing it down and having it vat washed, as I need it a certain color is why I asked.

    Also just to confirm the block is at 4.00 and not 4.030, so it is a 327 and not a 331 correct?

    Did you build the motor you did someone else?

    Where is GA are you located?

  6. Also do you have any dyno or power numbers it made just being NA.

  7. the pistons are probe 14.2cc. part #10668 but are cut for wedge heads, which is what i ran. comp with my heads was around 8:95.1. not sure on shipping, but i think i can arrange something if serious.


  8. yes the block is painted black. rattle can. yes its a 327 (i posted in original post) rotating assembly was bought from fordstrokers. piston was not in stock, so we used what was available. i posted a part number above. no i had a shop put it together for me. dixie performance did the machine work and zane bates put it all together for me. im in metro atlanta, but im willing to meet... of course not too far.

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