Dash bezel inserts - who needs some?

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  1. I'm trying to get a feel for who is ready NOW to buy brushed aluminum or stainless steel dash bezel inserts sets. A set will consist of a driver's side, passenger side, coin tray inserts. (Any combination of clock, AC, & wiper). Other materials / finishes / custom gauges holes, etc may come later, but the primary need right now seems to be for stock parts.

    I need to provide a quantity estimate for an initial order to get these quoted. I'm going to have both 0.020 stainless and aluminum quoted (if they can get it), but will only order one or the other, not both. According to the survey (~118 respondents), aluminum is preferred over stainless by about 2 to 1

    So... if you are SERIOUSLY ready to buy and would like a set off of this first order if the price is competitive, chime in here with how many sets you would need AND what material (aluminum or stainless) would be your preference.

    I'm posting this on MustangII.net, Stangnet, All Ford Mustangs and on the Yahoo Mustang II group, if you are member of these other communities, please only reply once. (i.e. don't reply that you want 3 sets on both MustangII.net and Stangnet, otherwise I'll think I need to plan for 6 when really I need to plan for only 3).

    You can see some pictures and other information regarding dash inserts in this thread on MustangII.net: Mustang II Network Forums - Mustang II dash bezel insert survey

    Again, this is NOT a commitment to buy anything, I just need a number for quoting purposes for this first order.


    Shawn (feeble)
  2. Just an update for those that are interested. I haven't heard anything from the manufacturer on my quote request so I called my friend last night who runs their laser. He said the laser was down and would be repaired Monday. More unfortunately, his boss hasn't had time to work on a quote or research materials. I'll give this another week or two and if I haven't seen any forward progress, I'll start looking for another manufacturer. I did find a company with a water jet that is actually a little bit closer to me (but still an hour and a half away)

    Thanks for your continued patience everyone.
  3. request

    Hey buddy. Any luck with these inserts yet. I need these things bad. My build is damn there done and seriously these inserts are the only thing I still need. I'm pullin my hair out trying to find a new set. After 13 years piecing this thing together with all new parts and now inserts are holding me back.
  4. II roundup

    Oh and what ever came of the 2011 MII roundup. My car will be done complete in Spring. If there is a MII event wether it be only II's or at a Mustang event in general I seriously need to help the MII cause. After 13 years of piecing this car together and what I've done to it, the world has to see this car and get noticed. It will be something special in the II world believe me. Only running on 110 octane this pony will be trailered. I'll even come early and help set up lol. I'm a union carpenter and still busy as hell believe it or not so I need a date so I can make sure I have a week off during this time. I WILL BE THERE!!! Even if for some reason my car isn't done. It will be there for everyone to see. Just make sure there is some magazine editors there from Hot Rod Mag or something along those lines.
  5. Regarding the 2011 Roundup, there are several threads over on MustangII.net. I've linked them on the bottom of this page: http://www.mustangiiroundup.org/

    Regarding the dash inserts, the company that cut the samples is apparently getting too busy to work on this project so I have been in contact with another manufacturer and will be getting him some drawings tomorrow to be quoted.

    If you really need them now, I understand that Mustang II Specialty Shop may have some but they are kinda spendy.
  6. spendy

    Yeah spendy is rite. Do these people want me to not make it to the roundup cuz all my money spent on there parts. I couldn't believe the number the guy gave me for the inserts. It was 6 times what they origanally went for. They used to be $50.00 for the entire kit. I'll make my own or stick with what I have for that kinda money. I can't wait to hear from you about these inserts. Are you going to see if they can be done in differant kinds of material or colors. Maybe some kinda carbon fiber look or lay over. If they want the kinda money they want it better be carbon fiber lol.
  7. Ok well I am going to def put that date on the calander. It would be nice to know exactly where we are meeting so I can check out hotel info and maybe find things to do. If you need a flyer made up my old lady will handle it. She does graphic arts and design and is a fellow Stang lover. She has her own also. So just let me know some info about address etc and let me know if you need any type of flyers etc made up. I'm sure she'd knock it outa the park for us as much as flyers can go.
  8. Just a quick note to let everyone know I am still working on this. I would not have thought this to be so tough to do.