Dash lights?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Black 93 Fox, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. How hard is it to change the dash lights i posted in another thread but i cant find it lol. What bolts do i need to take out also can i get diffrent color bulbs to match my stereo?
  2. u mean the lights behind the speedo and stuff?
  3. Yeah a few of them have burnt out and one of them is behind my water and it kinda makes me nerves ya know.
  4. yeah u just gotta take out the gauge cluster...just start taking off the gauge hood and those interior pieces around there...once down to it, it comes off with like 3-4 screws and then u have to unplug to plugs (one left side, one right) and disconnect teh speedo cable (that hte PITA of this job b.c its got liek no slack and hard to get your hard back there for REinstall) and when u get it off u will see little knobs that u just turn and pop out..and the bulbs are on there...i have my cluster out so ill go take some pics if i can....
    o yeah...do u have white face gauges? especially MAC? mac ones tend to dimn teh lights real bad.
  5. Naw i got the stock gauges. Sounds like a real pita job i dont know if i want to do it now are not lol
  6. it really isnt as hard as you think it is. Take the 2 T25 Torx heads on the top of the hood, then pop the lower knee kick panel off to get to 2 8mm bolts, now the hood will pull free and you can take the 3 harnesses off for fog lights, head lights, and defrost/top switch, now the hood is off, and there are 4 smaller torx bolts which will free the cluster out, take the speedo cable and 2 harnesses off and screw the bulbs out.
  7. nah go for it..its pretty easy just keep track of all the screws and shi.t....heres the pic...
  8. u can see where the cable goes and teh 2 plugs and all those little black round things are bulbs
  9. Thanks for the pic it explained a couple things. I wont be able to get started on this till maybe tommorow sometime. How much do the bulbs cost?
  10. just pop one out and bring it with u to autozone or somewhere....the bulb sits in the other side of the black plug things and then pops out just bring itand see whichone looks the same....we did this for an autometer tach and it was successful (just matching looks) they are so small i dont think there is a part # or anything....i would prolly change them all..and not much money...i forget how much exactly tho....maybe if u look on ebay u can find a lot of liek 20 for cheap
  11. They are 195 style bulbs FYI
  12. like 30 cents.
  13. o lol thanks i didnt think they were that cheap
  14. O by the way how many lights are in the dash so i can go get them all befor i get in the middle of it and cant go no were
  15. uh ill go count
  16. 13 and they are fat bulbs...i thought they were teh really skinny ones..
  17. Thanks for the info Black331
  18. Careful with removing the speedo cable.. not sure if its just me or what, but i've broke the clip on the last two that i've had
  19. yeah u gotta squeeze it a little