Dash Rattle

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  1. Has anyone identified the location of the right side dash rattle which occur on rough road surfaces such as concrete? The rattle seems to come from the right side of the dash. My 05 GT has the interior upgrade package with the aluminum dash. I really don't want to have the dealer tear it apart.

    This rattle does not ocurr on smooth road surface. The long and the short is, where is the rattle and what's the cure?
  2. I seem to have a rattle that comes from the plastic piece mounted under the aluminum airbag plate and above the glove box.
    If I touch that piece it stops making the noise...Yours may be in the same area...Check it out.
    I don't know a fix yet...I havn't tried anything or worried about it yet.
  3. I have the same rattle. It sounds like something fairly heavy is not secured.
  4. I have the same rattle. as well as one in the drivers side door and one in the rear pasenger wheel wheel. Quality is apparently job none. My GT has been to the dealership twice for TSB fixes along with these rattles but they haven't fixed them yet. The work-log doesn't even show any time given to the problems. To make it worse, when they installed the new Shaker system they didn't even out the console back together correctly. So it's going back one more time and if they don't fix it then I will promptly blow up the dealership.
  5. Mine does it too, I have narrowed it down to the actual top dash panel. Anyone know where to access the bolts to tighten it down?
  6. Does it sound more metal-esque than plasticy? I have one that comes from the right side somewhere near / in the glove box area. I *THINK* I discovered what might be causing it but it's so sporadic I keep forgetting to try to fix it. I'm usually driving and hear it when I remember I need to fix it.

    From what I can tell, there is a electical connection that is up inside the glove box that doesn't seem very tight. I actually pushed on it trying and it made a little ticking noise once so I think this is the cuase.

    I also have one more that is in the left side of my dash but is so minor I can barely hear it. Usually I just step on the gas a little more and the exhaust takes car of it for me :nice:
  7. The drivers side door is an easy fix. Mine was a window track rivet at the rea of he internal frame that popped out inside the driver's side door. Repaired at the dealer for no charge.

    I am concerned however about having them rip the dash apart because that can lead to more rattles.
  8. Yes the dash rattle is more metal-esque - not a plasticy squeek. Definitely from the right side dash area. What can I do to brace it to stop the rattle?
  9. Mine seems to be coming from the upper right dash. I thought it might be the defrost ducking coming out of the dash or something underneath it. It doesn't occur except on sharp abrupt bumps.
  10. Well, I was going to attempt wrapping some electrical tape around the connection to help cushion it. Again, this is just what I think may be the cause, so I could be wrong.
  11. I have it to seems to be getting worse as it gets colder
  12. Just a thought

    I have discovered the same type of rattle. Mine sounds like it is coming from the area around the electric window adjuster, but it is actually a echo of a rattle ( squeak ) coming from the shifter. When the car is in 1st, 3rd or 5th the shifter boot rubs ever so slightly with the surrounding suface. Just a thought.. :shrug: :shrug:
  13. Guys, I made a threa dof ryou to read because many have it.

    Like others said it is a bracket behind the air bag that needs to be tightened by your dealer.

    I had it and now it is fixed...it took them a while to find it but they did.
  14. I have a rattle on the drivers side where the side pillar meets the dash. i just tap on the side pillar it goes away for a while. It will be looked at next oil change.
  15. Anyone know how to access the bracket behind the airbag, I don't want to take it in just for that.
  16. My rattle seems to be coming from overhead, near the mirror (but it's not the mirror itself).

    Also, has anyone noticed the sticking door handles yet...?
  17. I have this same exact rattle in the dash. Damn, I'm going in the garage to work on this right now. I can't take it anymore. :bang:
  18. 3800 miles and my dash rattles like it's got 100K on it. Rattles all along the top of the dash as well as the driver's door and behind the headlight switch. Going to dealer, but i think I'll end up doing this myself.
  19. My rattle was actually the dash hitting/rattling against the windshield in both corners. For now I have it fixed with some ghetto cardboard inserts, I am going to get some thick, black, rubber, maybe door molding and cut small wedges to put in each corner. From underneath there is no support on those two corners.
  20. I also have the passenger-side glovebox/airbag area rattle. If anyone is successful in isolating & fixing the noise, please post pics of your disassembly to help us out. I don't think it's necessary to ask my dealer to rip up my car for this minor issue; I'm the one that drives it every day and hears it.