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  1. hey i have a 1999 cobra im parting out and i need to know how to take out the dash any info please
  2. IMO the best resource is a Chilton's manual. Better than the factory manual.

    I have done this job on a 1996. One of the bigger work units was to remove the steering column. Removing the seats also helps (I suspect this is not an issue for you).

    It's a big job but with the manual it moves 1,2,3. There are suprising few connectors and bolts to remove. Most of the dash comes out as an assembly. A buddy to help lift the dash is almost required.

    Note, the factory instructions are much too large to post (Multiple pictures/diagrams). Sorry.
  3. Hi,, i just create my account to reply your message,, i found today a link with all instructions to remove the dash from SN95 mustang, i think its the same in your case because the interior in both models are pretty much the same... i hope this info can help you.... sorry for my english im still learning im from cd juarez mexico.... see you

    This is the link.....
    Heater Core Replacement for SN95 Mustangs
  4. Great write up.

    A couple of things. No mention about the air bag safety. Be sure to disable. Disconnect the battery and wait the required time (or touch the pos/neg terminals to each other).

    When I did the job I did not remove the steering wheel. Instead there is a way to detach from the dash and simply place the steering column (still connected) on the floor. This avoids the issue getting everything to line back up on assembly.

    Note, it is important to not turn the steering wheel while disconnected as this can damage the clock spring/air bag.
  5. How do you remove the plastic shroud around the steering column?
    I've removed the lower portion, but I can't figure out how to get the top piece off where it wraps around the ignition...
  6. Sledge hammer :shrug: