Dash Warp in my 2000 SVTC

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SVTJayC, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. So apparently this is really common. And apparently the people that owned the car before me missed the boat on the temporary recall. So i bought the kit, and basically there is no way i can, nor want to, install it myself. So I asked Ford for an estimate. I figures, hey, how much can it be right? 300, 400 maybe? WRONG!!! They tell me they may have to remove the dash, or they may have to remove the windshield, or they may have to replace the dash alltogether, and, get this, they may accidentally break the windshield in the process, which I HAVE TO PAY FOR. Long story short, the guy's estimate was 14 hours of work, or roughtly $1200 + tax. THAT IS THE SAME AS A CLUTCH JOB!!! (which this POS also needs because my pressure plate spring is bad.) They charge $83 an hour for labor! That is more than LEXUS!!! ($75). What the hell is wrong with this picture? :bang: I had 2 great experiences with my 92 and 96 Tbirds, and I'd like to get a mustang in 06, but after this nightmare of a car, i just dont know. Everything on this car is big money to fix. It's costing me more than my friend pays for his IS300.
  2. well i'd expect things to be big money on them, they are Cobra R's...but you could call up SVT and **** to them about it and they may actually be able to get you to a dealership that will help you out.
  3. 2000 SVT-C (Contour)
  4. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: sorry, i thought you meant an R. my bad. well still you could call up SVT and tell them whats going on :shrug:
  5. Removing a dash is way harder than a clutch job IMO. I will never do it again...