Days Of Thunder Rules!!!

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  1. Has to be one of my favorite car movies.

    "There Is Nothing Stock About a Stock Car" - Harry
  2. "Let me outta the cah Cole, let me outta the Cah!!"
  3. "...if you think it was luck, let's do it again."
  4. "Rubbin's Racin"
  5. You just watched that on one of those premium channels didnt you! Cause I did...
  6. "Mustang this is Ghostrider requesting a flyby"...."Negative Ghostrider the pattern is full." - No, wait a second that's Top Gun.

  7. You have got to be kidding... Check out Grand Prix now that's a great movie.
  8. You're forgetting about F&F - the fast food run...

    I liked gone in 60 sec...
    but i don't think I have a favorite car movie...

    what is that old movie, with Don Johnson when he was young, about guys in the 50's drag racing??

  9. Tom Cruise....nuff said
  10. What crew cheif and racer was that movie on?

  11. Every Big NASCAR driver was on that movie....i dont know NASCAR names really well...Mostly F-1
  12. Stroker Ace was better.
  13. yeah--that movie was pretty damn funny...i remember watching it on HBO when i was just a kid...especially when ole Burt had to put on the giant chicken costume...

  14. "Return to Macon County" Great movie.

  15. :rlaugh:
  16. Smokey & the Bandit
    Gone in 60 seconds
    Dukes of Hazzard (new one)
    those are some of my favorites
  17. smokey n the bandit pursuit pack. all 3 movies on 1 convienent dvd.

    and of course... stroker ace.

    and carwash for good music.. the original not the newer version
  18. yeah--that was a pretty damn cool movie-that no one really knows about..

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