SOLD Dcc (delta Current Control) 2 Speed Electric Fan Controller

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  1. I have a 2 speed fan controller for an electric fan manufactured by Delta Current Control (DCC), arguably one of the best electric fan controllers on the market. The low speed turns on at 185F, but is adjustable over a wide range of temperatures. High speed turns on 10 degrees higher and disables the low speed circuit.

    The controller is a simple install and works great. I've had it installed in my Fox Mustang 5.0 for only about 500 miles and have had zero complaints. Coupled with a good electric fan this works flawlessly. I'm getting rid of it because I'm going back to a stock fan setup to further my restoration project.

    It's tricky to take a picture of it in the car. First photo is of the fuse block/power wiring connections. Second photo is the controller itself. You can make out the purple, yellow and red wires coming off the controller. It's mounted underneath my coil cover, along with the mess of other factory wiring.

    Located in Colorado Springs, CO/Denver, CO.
    $55 shipped


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  2. Is this for a single fan or can it control dual fans?
  3. I think you need the 2sp2 controller to control 2 fans (this is the 2sp). However, the instructions on their website don't appear any different for the 2sp and 2sp2 controllers. I used this controller with a single fan.
  4. You can run dual fans with this controller but those fans will be in parallel. They won't be controlled independently.
  5. I don't see a benefit to controlling each fan individually. The DCC will ramp up the voltage to both of them at the same time. Plus, I like pulling the same amount of air through the whole radiator, and not just one side of it. Just buy his controller, it will work for you. Lol
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  6. As @RacEoHolic330 says, so it shall be!

    But seriously, will it work? :shrug:
  7. If you tie both of your fans together in parallel, yes it will.
  8. @boostfrk
    What else comes with the controller? 40amp fuse and holder? some wiring? Water sensor?
  9. As long as the controller soft starts both fans at about 50-60% power then ramps it up to 100% thereafter I'm happy with it.
  10. Correct. There is a 40 amp fuse with holder and wiring for power, ground, ignition switched on wiring, wire to the AC clutch, and then wiring to the high and low speed wires on the fan motor. There is also a probe which inserts in between the fins of the radiator. A rubber cap is then installed over the front of the probe which extends past the front of the radiator.

    This is the benefit of the low/high speed function of this controller. Rather than start the fan at 100% load right off the bat it can start on low speed before going to high speed. It also has a feature which will run the fan, if needed, for 30 seconds after you shut the car off.
  11. @RacEoHolic330: Hi, I am wondering how the DCC will ramp up the voltage when we connect the two fans in parallel as in parallel the voltage should be same but it is possible it will draw more current and before using the controller we must check the current rating of the controller whether it is able to handle the current drawn by two fans otherwise it will cause trouble.
  12. You're correct. You'll have to know the running current of both fans and make sure that doesn't exceed the rating of the controller.
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