Deadbeat on Ebay

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  1. I didn't look at the feedback. I couldn't get past the ugly ass air bag, and the idea that somebody would want their steering wheel to look like that.:puke:
  2. Haha! Nice guy!

    His Airbags have been altered. UNSAFE and UNUSABLE. NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply by mauk1971: YOU are a NOgood lieing piece of ****!! All you do is lie and steal..Thief!!! Nov-15-06 14:05

    Follow-up: I can PROVE everything I've said. Please contact me before bidding on his items. Nov-15-06 18:52
  3. I hate stupid cocks like that on eBay that say so much BS and sell gabage and then leave people negative feedback just to get back at them because he recieved neutral! Makes me want to track them down, go to their door and take my brass nuckles to their face!
  4. So what exactly, is the issue here? I see a 97+% feedback rating for 528 items. :shrug:

  5. Yeah thats what I thought when I was first looking at it also. I've seen much worse feedbacks on ebay. But if you read all the negatives there all the same. All about the airbags being painted black and then the emblem just glued on. Plus hes saying some are off Cobra's and they're really off Rangers and T-birds and stuff like that, I guess they're not an exact bolt up. Thats pretty much false advertising.
  6. Hmmm... I wonder why E-bay doesn't have a "Report Seller" button on each auction.
  7. somethin is fishy....that air bag from ford cost about $500. It's probly from a windstar or a taurs or something and they don't fit the mustang's ( They won't fit a 95 for sure cause I tried)
  8. and I think the SRS is a different font for the mustang
  9. Buyer: fits but wrong air bag for 01 mustang

    Reply by mauk1971: Since it fits, I guess it is right Air Bag. How can it be wrong one if it fits??

    That's whats up... he has no buisness selling stuff he knows nothing about. He must work for Circuit City, Pep Boys, or Best Buy or something.
  10. If he claims they arent painted, wtf are they? Those are not stock so somehow there is a picture on it!

    Its scary that many people out there have those hidious things!
  11. one of them looked like he filled the center logo, sanded smooth and painted than put a sticker on.
  12. So my question is, what is he claiming his stuff is? Is he saying its factory, is he saying hes putting stickers on, is he claiming his kids throwing paint at it and whatever happens he sells???
  13. definatly not off mustangs
  14. They have a "Report this item" at the bottom of the auction pages.
  15. Well,

    It's pretty clear that ebay doesn't want to know about stuff like this. I reported the sale and went on to send them an email about it but their email field doesn't include a space to enter test. You can only enter the item number(s).

    It seems pretty clear that they're not much interested in anything other than the mighty dollar.

    Let's see if anything comes of it. I won't be holding my breath.
  16. take a look at who all the feedback is from, I see a LOT of it from the same people...those of which with poor grammar and cant spell (just like the seller) I would say 90% of that feedback is from his friends who buy the stuff and give it back to him to leave positive feedback or something...i also see the same feedback being left 3 or 4 times at the same time for diff products from those same guys:shrug:

    just a hunch...