Deadbeat on Ebay

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  1. I've done this for all his current airbag auctions. Lend a hand and do the same thing till they pull all of his airbag auctions.

    Click on REPORT THIS ITEM at the bottom of the page
    Click on Ebay Motors or Vehicle Related
    Click on USED AIRBAGS

    Click on EMAIL US
    Click on SEND

    He's got a boat load of these things on auction. Perhaps if ebay gets enough complaints, he'll get stick with them.
  2. Light em up folks... If everyone selects one airbag item from his sales list and follows the steps above then perhaps they'll look into it.

    The whole thing takes maybe 2 minutes.

    Come to find out that selling used airbags is against ebay rules. All we have to do now is get ebay to look at his autions.
  3. This is the same guy that was selling that thunderbird with the wheels on the back that stuck out like a foot. Anyone remember???? It had huge cobra decals all over it??? It was posted on this forum a while ago.
  4. Dave,
    Did you buy one too? :nono:
  5. that looks like a focus airbag. lol whats up with the glow in the dark snakes:lol:
  6. I tried ebay for a little while, till I got monkeyed around. Even though I pay more to get stuff from Summit, at least I know what I'm really getting. Ebay: :notnice: