Deal of a lifetime or SCAM??

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  1. Everyones sed it right NEVER, EVER, EVER buy a car that you cannot test drive for yourself. Even if its standing right in front of you. I am looking into buying a cobra myself and the first place i went to (a tote the note car lot) they wouldnt let me test drive. See ya! thats all i need to know. Their are many fish in the sea so they lost a sale.
  2. this same one had a Jeep suv.. my daughter had looked at it. It is a scam..
    how interesting,.,. the price was too good to be true. Someone would have to be stupid to buy it without seeing it in person.
  3. never buy anything from another country because there is nothing you can do to get your money back. I got ripped off buying a TB from a guy in Canada that listed it in classifieds. I contacted the govt and everything and it basically came down that they cant do anything about it.
  4. The main reason I bought my auto 94 GT and not the 5spd accross the street was because the ******* sales guy at that lot wouldn't let me test drive it, and told me to "go get my dad." Yea, I guess according to him, college guys can't buy cars w/o their parents. So I just walked across the street got in the other Mustang, drove it and bought it the next day. Morale of the story, if I can't drive it, I won't buy it.

    Here's the title to the listing of one of the recently removed auctions on ebay: 1967 FORD MUSTANG (SHELBY) - BIN $6600 There are about 6+ of the listings on ebay that can still be viewed that have been removed.
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  6. This really was pulled from the dead-

    If you type the VIN in the original scam ad into google it pulls some stuff up-

    The VIN# car that the scammer pulled from somewhere just sold on Ebay a couple of weeks ago:

    Kind of interesting. Seller has owned it for 3 1/2 years - $22,000 w/ a Vortec in it- Guess he didn't get it shipped from Greece!!:rlaugh:
  7. Tell them you have a friend over there thats going to look at it and purchase it for you....see what they say:nice: