Dealer allocation?

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  1. Can someone please tell me for sure what the dealer allocation is? I found a dealer willing to sell me one at sticker but he's not sure he can get one because he is a small dealership.Thank's
  2. Nevermind He got it in the order bank today.No price or anything but it has my name on it.
  3. Dang...

    Dang, I was gonna offer to 'look it up for you, I just needed the name of that Dealer'.... ;)
    Congradulations ! That's great you got in at MSRP - nice heads up move.
  4. It's funny that the small dealer's are the best to deal with . I will buy any other ford that I purchase from them because of this! I hope alot more Ford friends find dealer's like this . Good luck to everyone. Dave
  5. fomoco98- I have been dealing with a small dealership myself. They are telling me they are going to sell me the Gt500 for msrp as well. I just hope msrp is going to be the 38k-40k that has been reported. good luck with your deal.
  6. my dealer gave it to me tonite, they get 4 or 5 gonna do
    the lottery, 5000$ over MSRP

    titus will in tacoma. looks like i`ll buy a cobra, 03, 04.
  7. Allocation

    I have also spoken with the owner of a small dealer. The owner spoke with Ford, and he said they would not give him exact numbers on price or allocation, but told him he had about a 75% chance of getting one if he ordered.

    We ordered it, and he said he won't know for next month or two whether he will actually get it. BUT, if he does, it's mine :D

    I also spoke to a finance manager at a dealer in a larger town (SVT dealer), and they expect 3-5 of them and are going to mark them up as much as they can. Needless to say, I did not bother putting my name on their list. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope my odds are good.
  8. according to ford's allocation system , no dealership is getting more than TWO at this early stage. So any dealers that say theyre getting 4 or 5 are on some drugs.

  9. Or they are lying and hoping that they will get more GT500s later, get them from another dealer, sell you an 08 or get you to take some other car.

  10. Have to disagree with you there. The dealership I work for has been told by our Reg. Rep that 4-6 will be the number. Then again, the dealership is in the top 40 in the nation of 4000 dealers.
  11. you can disagree all you want to,,, I am not going by what MY ford rep said. Im goin by Fords initial annoucement,,,, what they have decided SO FAR is all any dealership knows about, no matter if theyre even top 10 in the nation,
    of course there will be around 1500 extra "left over" which will go to SVT delaerships and top dealerships like yours,,,,
    so stop your disagreement ! :p
  12. Here you go

    Shelby GT 500 Allocation and Distribution Plan

    As of current production forecast we expect around 8,000 units to be produced for sale in the United States in the 2007 MY. Dealers who complete the certification process will be eligible for the following allocation:

    One unit for any dealer that completes Certification Requirements
    Two incremental units for each dealer who was a full line SVT dealership as of 2004
    One incremental unit for each dealer who was a Focus Only SVT dealership as of 2004
    One incremental unit for 2005 Presidents Award winners
    Remaining production will be based on Mustang Share of Nation formula. This will be determined once dealer certification has been completed.