Dealer certification costs?

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  1. I am number 1 on the list for a 2007 GT500 at 2 different dealers, one is a full line SVT dealer so this wouldnt apply to them: but the other (probably the one I have a better shot at getting a car from, is a small dealer who said that the GT500 certification fee was 2000.00 and will be added to my price because they believe they will only get one car. I dont mind paying the cert. fee if that is true, but several folks on this site have said the fee is only 1500.00 and I guess I'd like to know if my dealer (non SVT, but did carry SVT Focuses) is jerking my chain. He's been completely up front about everything else so far. (i used to work at this dealer in the 80's). thanks, Snake.

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  2. I heard the following:
    1. The certification fee is $1,500
    2. At least one salesman has to take an online certification test
    3. The dealer is required to obtain certain promotional materials and "Shelby-Specific" tools.

    These extra things may make up the additional $500 your dealer is charging. :shrug:

    My dealer did the same thing. I'm paying $2,000 over MSRP to cover the certification costs. My dealer is very small and will probably get only one, so they wanted to recoup their costs. That was fine by me, since every dealer in the Denver area was charging at lease $10K over MSRP.
  3. Yes its 1500 for the buyin to get one, plus tools and the service crap. So figure around 2k depending on what they price the promo stuff at. Which isint cheap on anythign anymore.