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  1. Greetings,

    With the current state of affairs, I figure this may be a good time to buy my dream car - Shelby Mustang GT500. I've been watching the listings on ebay for new GT500's and the bidding typically doesn't even hit $40k. I've contacted a couple of dealers, but I need some inside information to effectively deal with them. Does anyone know what the Dealer's Invoice Price is on a GT500? I assume it's about 80% of Sticker, but I really don't know. What about other incentives? The more I know about the real cost to the dealer, the better I can negotiate.:nice:

    Thanks in advance for you help!:SNSign:
  2. Once you locate a car equipped to your specs; ask them to show you the invoice. If they refuse - walk.

    You are correct, now is a great time to buy a car - any car! All of the dealerships are seeing decreased foot traffic and moving a unit is what its all about right now. They are not willing to sell at a loss, but they are willing to negotiate in your favor.

    And if not - walk!
  3. edmunds

    try edmunds .com you should be able to get dealer invoice numbers and the true market value of the car .
  4. Thanks for the advice. I do really appreciate it, but I have a new issue to discuss and I will post this as a new thread as well to get advice.

    I just bought a used 2007 GT500 from a guy in Chicago. It appeared to be a very good ebay deal, but here's what happened. I took Amtrak from Lansing, MI to Chicago on Saturday. The 4 hour trip took closer to 8 hours by the time I arrived. We met and I had about 30 minutes to check the car out as we drove to a bank that was closing at 4:00. The clutch was slippping BAD!!! The seller showed me TSB #08-16-4 about clutch drag on GT500's. He said that's the problem and it should be covered under warranty. I also pointed out a noise which sounded to me like a bearing in the differential which only showed up under coast and decel. We agreed to have me hold back $1,500.00 on the sale price in case Ford doesn't warranty the repairs needed. We wrote an admendment to the sales agreement to include this repair agreement.

    At the bank (which was holding his title & lien due to his outstanding loan), they said they had to put a 5 day hold on my Cashier's Check to be sure it clears before they can accept the funds as good and allow him to pay off the loan for release of the title. He put the Cashier's check on deposit for his account to wait the 5 business days.

    After we left the bank, we went to his house, he removed his license and I left for home. On the way home the clutch slipped so bad that I could not maintain cruising speed on some hills. I noticed a vibration & noise from the differential (I think) at about 75 mph. I did make it the 200 miles home.

    I checked the car our further in my garage today and noticed it has an oil leak as well. BTW, the seller told me that the GT500's didn't come with a spare tire due to the brake size. A spare tire wheel would not clear the front brakes. Is that true? Also, is there a special key or socket for the lugnuts?

    I guess the old addage of "buyer beware" applies to this sale, huh?:shrug:

    I plan on calling a local Ford Dealer to see about repairs on the clutch, differential and oil leak tomorrow. Any advice from anyone with experience with a GT500 in any of these problem areas is appreciated.

  5. GT500s do not come with a spare tire, just the bottle of fix a flat.

    the differential in the GT500 is only serviced as an assembly, the bearings are not serviced separately.

    for the wheel lock, look around the glove box or any hiding place. you can even call the previous owner and ask them where it is.