Dealer markups against the law

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  1. ok, that's garbage.
    what, we will be given a public hanging if we speak out against our government? c'mon, we aren't communists...we've had a joint smoking, queer marrying liberal government nearly 60 of the past 70 years. (not my pick, believe me). The fact that there is a law for unfair business practices, doesn't mean there is price regulation. Most Provinces have a statute to control unfair business practices. These statutes vary from Province to Province; however, the substantive protection given to consumers is broadly similar across the country. So, a dealer can charge what they want, like gas stations, but if there is a public inquiry, there will be an investigation. The main reason nobody would sell this car for 2X MSRP is because everyone would laugh, and cars would sit. $100,000 (CAD) for a GT500 or walk down to GM and get a Z06 for $98,000 (CAD). That's just the way it is.
    Freedom from universal health care....kind of an oxymoron...
    And it may not say "the right to bear arms" in our constitution, but i have a collection of nearly 30 rifles and pistols, 2 that have seen action in WW's and one that is about you?
    Taxes are lower in the states, but so is employment rate and average income (I'll provide stats if you don't believe me). Anyone that knows anything about economics knows that a top and bottom heavy society cannot support itself, without the middle income Joe. More people in the top income bracket is what allows these dealers to charge what they want, not your constitution.
    THUD...(fell off soap box)
  2. The dealer or private seller or whatever should have the right to charge whatever they can get somebody to pay for the car.. It's not a right to own a certain car when it first comes out, if you don't khave the money then you don't get one.

    I don't have the money so I will not get one, and I am ok with that.
  3. Dealers in NJ charging $20K over as well

    Got a call last night from my dealer in northern NJ. I've been #1 on the list since April 2005 with $5K down.

    $20K over MSRP for each of the 2 Shelbys they'll be getting.


    A little too much for me.

    Oh well.
  4. I gave up on the Shelby when my local Ford dealer refused to order one for me. I now own a brand new Dodge Charger SRT8 which I paid sticker for. More room for the kids, and nearly as fast and exclusive. Good luck with your cash flow problem, Ford.
  5. I am very curious as to what the sticker price is on the SRT8. Would you mind telling us?
  6. I just looked up one of the local Dodge dealer sites to see what they had in stock. They have several RTs, some as high as $36,960 MSRP, no SRT8s. The SRT8 MSRP has to be substantially higher than this.
  7. Most I have seen listed for $43K+

    Theres a dealer in WPB, FL with quite a few in stock.
  8. OK, I've got my sticker right in front of me. Base price is $35,320. Gas guzzler tax is $2100. Side air bags are $390. SRT Option Group 2 includes the upgraded stereo with subwoofer and MP3 capability, as well as cassette player and car alarm for $1245. All added up with destination charge was $39,730. This is before sales tax and extended engine warranty (which I opted for). Final price was about 45k. Still a high-performance bargain in my book.